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eunhwa cha

Education World: Tech in the Classroom - 0 views

  • Tech in the Classroom is a recurring feature that examines widely available Technology, software and gadgets and how they might be used in a school setting. What favorite gadget or tool are you using in the classroom? As this new content area grows, let us know what products you’d like to read about.
  • Tech in the Classroom: StudySync This is a Web-based supplemental curriculum. Aligned to the Common Core and aimed at middle-school and high-school students, StudySync enlists broadcast-quality video, digital media, mobile platforms and social learning to advance reading, writing and critical thinking
Garth Holman

Educational Technology Guy: 10 Tech Skills Every Student Should Have - 0 views

    Skills we need by topic 
Mallory Marks

Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence | Home - 1 views

    OCALI - modules, research, library, video, assistive tech, family center, etc - for Autism in Ohio
Christen Cowley artPad - 0 views

    Really cool art/tech tool
james grubbs

Technology in Schools Faces Questions on Value - - 0 views

  • There are times in Kyrene when the technology seems to allow students to disengage from learning: They are left at computers to perform a task but wind up playing around, suggesting, as some researchers have found, that computers can distract and not instruct.
    • james grubbs
      Do you agree or disagree?
Courtney Lange

UA Tech: Learning For Today - Blog2012-2013 - 1 views

    University of Akron teaching website and blog.  
    Greg's Class Blog
Cindy Graves

Ohio Treasure Chest of Tech Resources - 0 views

    Here ya go!
Christen Cowley

Featured UA Biotechnology & Biomimicry technology - 0 views

    Some pretty amazing research in the biomimicry area going on at Akron University.
Michael O'Connor

In Maine, a laptop for every middle-schooler - Technology & science - Back to School | NBC News - 0 views

  • Statewide test scores haven’t changed much.
  • “Maybe the full potential of the laptop isn’t being realized,”" he said.
  • How to offer every child the same opportunity at a quality education
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  • The laptops might help breach the economic barrier to school success. Silvernail found that on statewide writing exams, economically disadvantaged students using laptops did outperform advantaged students who didn’t use their computers.
  • Still, the laptop program has faced setbacks. Maine wanted to expand its laptop program to all high schools four years ago, but state budget cuts have prevented that.
    • Michael O'Connor
      At the higher levels, do a BYOT program.
  • Still
  • “What we need to look at is the broader impact on student improvement,” said Timothy Magner, the director of the Office of Education Technology, a branch of the U.S. Department of Education. “One of the key metrics is test scores. We’re keenly interested in that.”
    • Michael O'Connor
      They are keenly intrested in ... test scores! What a suprise! You would think this initative would have the backing of the US government and all its Allies! But no, we are worried about test scores...
  • Some schools’ programs around the country have faced widespread computer glitches, teachers not knowing how to teach with laptops — and to a much lesser degree, yet way more publicized — the issue of students using the Web to cyberslack, cheat and view porn.
    • Michael O'Connor
      yep, this is the down side. Kids mishandle internet or tech devices. or a pencil, or a book...nothing very new here...constant monitoring/good filter systme should be used
  • spawning original ideas.
  • But whether its program can measure up to the federal government’s key yardstick — improvement in standardized test scores — is another question.
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