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Miss Schlegel

Annenberg Learner - 0 views

    This website provides endless multimedia tools and videos for the social studies classroom.
Garth Holman

Free Technology for Teachers: Six Multimedia Timeline Creation Tools for Students - 2 views

    Building timelines online See individual links
Andrew Henry

The Underground Railroad - National Geographic Education - 0 views

  • Underground Railroad Resources
    • Andrew Henry
      Underground Railroad Resources 
Jennifer Bernal

Graphics & Drawing « The Cheeky Lit Teacher - 0 views

    • Jennifer Bernal
      This website combines humor with some very useful resources for english teachers!
Holly Johnson

Comics - 2 views

shared by Holly Johnson on 28 Jan 12 - No Cached
  • Create fully animated comics online with Kerpoof. Choose from a library of scenes and characters, add animation, movement, as well as music and speech bubbles to bring a story idea to life. Extremely intuitive menu bar and helpful video tutorials make this tool quite useful. A key feature is a Teacher Account that allows teachers to register students and create classes where students can collaborate on creations
  • oondoo is another tool to create comics quickly. You can opt for a free
  • Pixton offers both a free account for personal use and an education platform with a unique pricing structure. There are a number of features provided with the Pixton education platform. Teachers can create a class, add students and assign a project all within the Pixton platform. Also, students can be signed up without and email account. Once created, comics can be printed, downloaded, embedded or shared online. The Pixton platform is also certfied for use on Smart and Promethean interactive white boards
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    • Garth Holman
      Hi its Garth
  • They prompt students to decipher meaning, purpose, and tone. They also provide creative possibilities for differentiated learning and expression. Moreover, successful cartoonists need a wide range of skills: researching, drawing, writing, computing, storyboarding, and designing. Cartoonists need to make their stories engaging and persuasive.
    • Holly Johnson
      There are some content standard ideas in this paragraph that can easily be targeted in a lesson!
    this is a resource to find ways to teach to today's modern and techno savvy generation.
Jennifer Bernal

Polls & Surveys - 0 views

  • Google Form is an online poll and survey creation tool that is free and part of Google Docs
  • Create, format, edit, and publish a poll or survey online.
  • nsert varied questions types: text, paragraph, multiple-choice, checkboxes, choose from a list, grid, scale
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  • See responses instantaneously in real-time.
  • See responses in graph format or in spreadsheet.
Jennifer Bernal

Glogster EDU - 21st century multimedia tool for educators, teachers and students | Text, Images, Music and Video - 1 views

    • Jennifer Bernal
      A blog style system for teachers and students!
Katy Eyman

WebQuests: Explanation - 0 views

  • six critical components
  • goal of the introduction
  • is to make the activity desirable and fun for students
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  • engage
  • excite students
  • Task:
  • teacher finds resources
  • teacher devises an activity
  • incorporates the information
  • publish their findings on a Web site
  • collaborate in an online research initiative with another site or institution
  • create a multimedia presentation on a particular aspect of their research
  • Process:
  • Introduction:
  • description of the steps learners should go through
  • with links embedded in each step.
  • Resources:
  • list of the resources
  • resources embedded within the Process section,
  • non-Web resources can also be used
  • Evaluation
  • rubric 1 for evaluating students' work
  • clear goals, matching assessments to specific tasks
  • During the introductory stage of the WebQuest, it can be very helpful to point out three types of student examples: exemplary, acceptable, and unacceptable.
  • Conclusion
Jenny Sommers

Teaching Math To Visual Learners - 0 views

  • hey much prefer to learn from whole-to-part,
  • it is important to bring attention to all the ways math is relevant to everyday life
  • Bring your visual learner along shopping with you and be sure to have him or her help you figure out how much money you will need for your purchases. Letting them have a piggy bank, and counting the money often will also be helpful. Math is plentifully available in cooking together, clipping coupons, saving for a special toy, and even in building with blocks or cutting play-dough into fractional parts. Math can be almost everywhere when you are looking for it.
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  • Color, color, color!
  • Make a picture.
  • Use multimedia software when available.
  • Manipulatives are key.
  • using color to differentiate between addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems can be very helpful. In learning sequential step problems, highlighting each step in a different color can also overcome this natural difficulty.
  • What To Avoid With Visual Learners
  • Rote memorization and drill will not only be mostly impossible for your visual learner, but will also sap his natural love of learning.
  • Visual learners also tend to “visualize” time passing, so timed quizzes and tests put almost tangible pressure on them, causing unnecessary anxiety
  • not always be able to “show their work.”
  • , be prepared for a visual learner to
  • It is important to help them to understand that their visual learning style is not a disadvantage, but simply a different way of acquiring knowledge
    visual learners: what they are; how they learn; things to avoid; techniques for teaching math to them
Mr. D D

Apple - Education - Special Education - OS X - 0 views

  • Safari Reader reduces the visual clutter
  • strips away ads, buttons, and navigation bars, allowing students to focus on just the content they want.
  • converts text to spoken audio a
  • ...13 more annotations...
  • students who benefit from hearing text rather than reading it can listen to assignments on their own time
  • ake snapshots and make short videos,
  • students who struggle with personal interaction — like answering a direct question
  • to express themselves through multimedia.
  • many aspects of learning
  • that are traditionally print oriented can be captured in a concrete, visual way.
  • writing both the visual and the audio elements of a script
  • more engaging
  • Text to Speech, students can have the word or a paragraph read aloud as they’re reading it onscreen.
  • students have quick access to definitions and synonyms to help with grammar, spelling, and pronunciation
  • print disabilities or cognitive challenges or are learning English improve their vocabulary and word-building skills.
  • It lets students who are home or hospital bound engage with the rest of the class.
  • FaceTime is also ideal for students who communicate using sign language.
    Great Apps for use with students with disabilities
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