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Krystal Reno

HFwH - Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor - 0 views

  • America remembered well the horrors of World War I and strived to remain on the sidelines as World War II raged around the World. But all that changed on December 7, 1941.
  • Prelude to the Attack: The World at War This U.S. government film portrays the years up until the time the U.S. entered World War II after the attack on Pearl Harbor. It also contains Roosevelt's "Day of Infamy" speech.
    "America remembered well the horrors of World War I and strived to remain on the sidelines as World War II raged around the World. But all that changed on December 7, 1941."
Kenny Mong

This Day in History - - What Happened Today in History - 1 views

    This is a good way to start the class. Tell students what events happened that day that helped change the nation, the world..etc.
Jonathan McClure

William Bradford - Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts - 0 views

  • Born in 1590, William Bradford was one of the founders of Plymouth colony in 1620 and a signer of the Mayflower Compact. He served as the colony's governor for more than thirty years, and wrote "Of Plymouth Plantation," one of the first histories of European settlement in the New World, before his death in 1657.
Krystal Reno

HistoryWiz Primary Source - 1 views

    ODE Modern World World Standard 2. The use of primary and secondary sources of information includes an examination of the credibility of each source.
Krystal Reno

The Enlightenment - 0 views

    Ode Modern world world Standard  6. Enlightenment thinkers applied reason to discover natural laws guiding human nature in social, political and economic systems and institutions.
Garth Holman

hughesDV's Channel - YouTube - 0 views

    Several world world videos 
Garth Holman

History student learns from her grandfather, makes his WWII story a senior project - Local - Ohio - 0 views

    • Garth Holman
      What does she say?  Here about Historians? 
  • The 22-year-old spent the last school year meeting with him and researching his role in World War II for her thesis.
  • Klise said she had only heard snippets of his war stories in the past. She said her questions would “jog his memory” and he would share more and more.
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  • “I was surprised she was interested,” he said.
  • The group is disbanding because so many of its members have died.
  • And their story, just like Win’s, needs to be told so that we remember what war is truly about, the strength and will of the people who fight it.”
Garth Holman

Go Social Studies Go! | the-silk-road - 0 views

    Great little History resource books. 
Krystal Reno

Historypin | Home - 0 views

shared by Krystal Reno on 17 Sep 12 - Cached
  • Pin your history to the history
    cool way to incoprate alls tudents backgrounds
Jennifer Bernal

Free Technology for Teachers - 2 views

  • Crash Course is a small YouTube channel featuring a couple of short, fast-paced video lessons about World World.
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