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Rochelle Gove

Helping Visual Learners Succeed | - 0 views

    • Michael Kekic
      This would work with science because you could use this strategy with having students identify vocabulary words or even better when describing a cycle of some scientific process. Also visual patterns in words can be very important to science because knowing prefixes many words in science class can be understood without even knowing the word before hand. 
  • Demonstrate what you want your child to do.
    • Michael Kekic
      I like to use prezi for presentations in science. It really allows you to get deeper into the subject material with visuals. I can use it to keep zooming in on a photo and eventually show what an "atom" looks like and the students start to understand how small they truly are!
    • Rochelle Gove
      I like how this article breaks down strategies to help students succeed!
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  • ncluding maps
  • matching activities
  • each lessons, including pictures, graphics, images, charts, outlines, story maps, and diagrams
    • Rochelle Gove
      I Think that so many of these techniques can be used through out any content area.
Courtney Lange

The visual (spatial) learning style - 0 views

    This is a site on learning styles.
    The learning style of visual learners
    Thanks for the site!
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