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Alison Hall

Twitpaper - Free Free Themes, Backgrounds, and Layouts - 0 views

shared by Alison Hall on 10 May 09 - Cached
    Twitpaper is a decorative way to show off your personality to friends, family, fans, and all that follow on Twitter. We offer the best Twitter Themes, Twitter Backgrounds, and Twitter Layouts.
recriweb prinkipo

8 Free Tools to Visualize Information on Free - 12 views

    There's a lot of noise on Twitter. People use a variety of ways to filter through that noise, from following specific lists, finding like-minded people through third party sites, or using a variety of services and websites to find the information that matters to them on Twitter. Another interesting way to filter through what is being said on Twitter, and better yet, analyse it, is to visualize it [...]
Maggie Verster - The Complete Guide to Twitter - 4 views

    In over forty pages Makeuseof publishing editor Mark O'Neill, tackles every Twitter feature, tip and trick you can think of. Learn to work the interface, to Tweet from your desktop, cool Twitter bots and funniest people to follow. With this Twitter manual, Mark will make sure you get your black belt in Twitter.
qualitypoint Tech

Released "Auto Tweet" feature in our Twitter Application - 3 views

    We have released "Auto Tweet" feature in our Twitter Application. This "Auto Tweet" will be very useful for managing your social media marketing. You can add all your tweets in this application. This Tool will automatically send the tweets to your Twitter accounts based on your settings (i-e Time duration and list of Twitter Accounts)
Grace Kat

educationalsoftware » Twitter - 0 views

    S.Vesper's wiki page about Twitter: an explanation, Commoncraft video and the Twitter software applications that will automatically update as you get new 'Tweets' so that you don't have to go to the Twitter website
Linda Nitsche

monitter : real time, live twitter monitor | twitter live twitter embed widget - 0 views

    A twitter monitor, it lets you "monitter" the twitter world for a set of 3 keywords and watch what people are saying
    I absolutely love Monitter, it's brilliant for watching football comments coming in.
Faster Dude

monitter : real time, live twitter monitor | twitter live twitter embed widget - 0 views

    Simple. It's a twitter monitor, it lets you "monitter" the twitter world for a set of 3 keywords and watch what people are saying. Cool huh?
    Monitter allows you to track what most matters to you on Twitter without the need to sign up or in.
Lisa Simpkins

21 free free downloads E-books,tutorials,guides etc. - 34 views

Share Pics On Twitter-Share Videos On Twitter- Share Blogs On Twitter. Share an Event with RSVP features built right in to the events calendar or create a Discussion and Share it using our unique T...

Twitter free ebooks tutorials guides

started by Lisa Simpkins on 28 Jun 09 no follow-up yet
Andrew DeVigal

Design Your Own Twitter Background! - 0 views

    "Now you can personalize your Twitter background like never before. The tool below will help you create Twitter Twitter backgrounds that have the same look and feel as those done by professional graphic designers."
Fred Delventhal

Pick of the Twitter - 0 views

    Pick of the Twitter is a Twitter service that selects specific "tweets" (posts) from the public timeline of the messaging service Twitter.
Ann Oro

Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Free Free tutorial on Viddler - 0 views

    Blog post linking to Viddler video tutorial about Twitter
    Link to Vicki's post about a Viddler tutorial for Twitter.
sandy ingram

Guy Kawasaki's Twitter account hijacked, pushes Windows and Mac malware | Zero Day | - 0 views

    The Twitter account belonging to venture capitalist and Mac evangelist Guy Kawasaki was hijacked yesterday and used to push malware to some 140,000 Twitter users. The attack (screenshot above) included a link to what purported to be a "sex tape video Twitter download" linked to Gossip Girls star Leighton Meester but, after a series of clicks, the end result was a malicious Trojan.
Janos Haits

Twitter Marketing Software - Community Management and Relationship Management Service for Social Media | - 1 views

    Leading Twitter Community Manager! Better Manage Your Twitter Relationships Focus on Your Influencers, supporters & potential customers. Stress-Twitter Social Productivity: analyzes relationships and helps you engage with your top members.
qualitypoint Tech

Simple Tool for sending tweets to multiple twitter accounts easily - 2 views

    We have released another simple Twitter related Tool "MultiPost".Using this Tool you can easily send the tweets to multiple desired Twitter accounts.It will be useful for doing your online marketing easily and it will save time.\n
Janos Haits

The Tweeted Times - personal newspaper generated from your Twitter account - 7 views

    Most important from your Twitter stream The Tweeted Times aggregates news in your Twitter stream and ranks them by popularity among your friends. Never loose any important news!
    Looks very neat but costs £2.99 whereas Summify is free...
alfred westerveld

Microblogging Resources - 265 views

Hi, Great group this is. And you are right that we should stay on topic.... Alfred Lucy Gray wrote: > Hi All - > > Let's try and keep sharing of resources in this group to things that are relat...

jaiku microblog twitter

avivajazz  jazzaviva

Create a Twitter Background with PowerPoint | Twitter Twitter Background Template - 0 views

    Interesting use of PowerPoint to create a Twitter background.
A. T. Wyatt

Twanalysis for any username on twitter - 0 views

    Get your free free personality test! ... and some sensible tips, too
    How interesting! Put a username in and you will see lots of statistics about the account.
Maluvia Haseltine

7 of the Best Free Linux Free Clients - 0 views

    Free Linux Free Clients - Reviews
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