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Janos Haits - 5 views

    Tweet Speaker. Listen to Twitter Enjoy Twitter while on a walk, stuck in traffic, in the kitchen, or on the go. Tweet Speaker lets you listen to news, sports, humor, and the musings of interesting people on Twitter - a sort of live podcast of your Tweets. Featuring a beautiful user interface, speech tailored for Tweets, Tweet Marker support, adjustable reading speed, and Airplay, Tweet Speaker is a fun new way to experience Twitter.
Sheryl A. McCoy

Tweet Tweet 0.1 for WordPress - 0 views

    Tweet Tweet is a plugin for WordPress that will archive your Tweets, and the Tweets of everyone you follow, plus replies you receive from strangers, and direct messages too. All these Tweets will be stored safely in your database.
qualitypoint Tech

Released "Auto Tweet" feature in our Twitter Application - 3 views

    We have released "Auto Tweet" feature in our Twitter Application. This "Auto Tweet" will be very useful for managing your social media marketing. You can add all your Tweets in this application. This Tool will automatically send the Tweets to your Twitter accounts based on your settings (i-e Time duration and list of Twitter Accounts)
Rick Powell

WordPress › Tweet Blender « WordPress Plugins - 0 views

    Tweet Blender is tag-aware and has support for multiple authors, lists, hashtags, and keywords all blended together. The plugin can show Tweets from just one user or a list of users (as all other Twitter plugins do); however, it can also show Tweets for a topic which you can define via Twitter hashtag or keyword. But there is more! It can also show Tweets for multiple authors AND multiple lists AND multiple keywords AND multiple hashtags all blended together into a single stream.
Janos Haits

Political Engagement Map - Explore engagement with candidates' Tweets during the 2012 campaign. - 0 views

    See Tweets from @BarackObama and @MittRomney organized by engagement on Twitter. Each Tweet is represented by a bar and the size indicates engagement on that Tweet. Click on a Tweet to see e
Janos Haits

Write Tweets Longer than 140 Characters - Tall Tweets - 2 views

    "Tall Tweets will help you write Tweets that are longer than 140 characters. The tool will slice and publish your "long Tweet" into smaller chunks of 140 characters or you can even publish the entire messages as an image. Your Twitter followers will be able to read the entire message in their timeline itself."
Janos Haits - Up To The Minute US News, World News and Tweet News on Twitter - 3 views

    On this site, you'll find a list of tweets with the keywords: US News, World News and tweet News. This page will automatically update every 180 seconds, so you'll always have access to the latest tweets.
Phil Slade

The Ultimate Guide To Adding Cool Symbols To Your Tweets | Twitter Tips And Updates From Buffer - 5 views

    "Lots of people like to add things like ♥✩♬♡►♪☺♫ to their tweets for fun, but did you know adding symbols can make your tweets shorter and easier to read too? Or that there are over 109,000 symbols available? Or that the Wall Street Journal uses symbols to add bar charts to its tweets?"
Mary Ann Apple

Twitter Launching Official Tweet Buttons This Week [EXCLUSIVE] - 5 views

  • itter () is launching an official Tweet Button for sharing articles on websites and counting how many times a URL has been shared, according to documents Mashable () has obtained. The Tweet Button could launch as soon as this Thursday
    Twitter is launching an official Tweet Button for sharing articles on websites and counting how many times a URL has been shared, according to documents Mashable has obtained. The Tweet Button could launch as soon as this Thursday.\n\n
Danny Nicholson

Tweet O'Clock - Find out when it's best to Tweet someone! - 0 views

    How do we work it out? Well we simply work out which day and time they tweet most on, gives you an accurate idea of when they'll be using Twitter. Perfect time to tweet them! Results are cached for 24 hours to reduce server load.
Phil Slade

» Power Tweet - 2 views

    "@lincolnenergy As part of our Electro-Magnates projects we are exploring as many channels as possible to make our energy data accessible. We are currently experimenting with a social media channel - Twitter - to provide information on the University of Lincoln's energy usage. To see more information on a particular building just send a tweet to @lincolnenergy (tweet must start with @lincolnenergy) with one of the below building codes (in bold green). An incorrectly formatted tweet will default to a response for the Main Admin building."
Jennifer Dorman

How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live - TIME - 0 views

    Evan Williams and Biz Stone of Twitter Robyn Twomey for TIME ENLARGE + Print Reprints Email Twitter Linkedin Buzz up! (44) Facebook MORE... Add to my: Technorati reddit Google Bookmarks Mixx StumbleUpon Blog this on: TypePad LiveJournal Blogger MySpace The one thing you can say for certain about Twitter is that it makes a terrible first impression. You hear about this new service that lets you send 140-character updates to your "followers," and you think, Why does the world need this, exactly? It's not as if we were all sitting around four years ago scratching our heads and saying, "If only there were a technology that would allow me to send a message to my 50 friends, alerting them in real time about my choice of breakfast cereal." Related Audio Host Katherine Lanpher talks with TIME's Just Fox on stocks vs. bonds and Barbara Kiviat about the housing market's new movement Download | Subscribe Specials The World of Twitter Specials Top 10 Celebrity Twitter Feeds Specials 10 Ways Twitter Will Change American Business Stories The TIME 100: The Twitter Guys by Ashton Kutcher More Related The TIME 100: The Twitter Guys by Ashton Kutcher The TIME 100: The Twitter Guys by Ashton Kutcher The Future of Twitter I, too, was skeptical at first. I had met Evan Williams, Twitter's co-creator, a couple of times in the dotcom '90s when he was launching Back then, what people worried about was the threat that blogging posed to our attention span, with telegraphic, two-paragraph blog posts replacing long-format articles and books. With Twitter, Williams w
    "Injecting Twitter into that conversation fundamentally changed the rules of engagement. It added a second layer of discussion and brought a wider audience into what would have been a private exchange. And it gave the event an afterlife on the Web. Yes, it was built entirely out of 140-character messages, but the sum total of those tweets added up to something truly substantive, like a suspension bridge made of pebbles."
Janos Haits

SearchHash: make your own spreadsheet of hashtagged tweets to savour - 1 views

    Want to save or analyse all the tweets which used a particular hashtag? Enter a hashtag below to get a list of all the tweets which referenced it, to download as a CSV spreadsheet or share with friends or colleagues - great for post-event analysis. No logins or spam tweets involved, promise.
Alice Barr

How to search old tweets: 10 tools, 20 features - 8 views

    Twitter's default search only goes back a week-if that-and often chokes on multiple keyword searches. Fortunately, there ARE many great alternatives, and I've included a chart comparing the nine top tweet search engines below. Here are links to each of the nine,  in order of what I've found most useful to least useful for general tweet searches (however, some are powerful in other ways)):
alfred westerveld

gtwit - 0 views

    gtwit is a dynamic web based client for that supports history and personal search of your tweets by storing them on Google's cloud features * no install required - works in any modern web browser * stores all tweets you send or follow on google's cloud infrastructure so you can search your tweets by person, word or tag * allows smart completion of people or tags (just hit @ or # in the text boxes) * supports multiple twitter accounts
Fred Delventhal - A Twitter Tool - 0 views

shared by Fred Delventhal on 02 Aug 08 - Cached
    Current features of Twadle include: * Create short links on the fly - just type a long URL, and it will be replaced with a shorter one, saving you valuable characters. * Live Tweet Preview lets you see what your Tweet will look like - short links and all - before you hit Update. * Track links - see how many people clicked on the link you posted. Great for learning how to write compelling headlines. * Attach Files to your Tweets. Right now you can attach images - but MP3s and more are coming! * Super Secret SEO Feature - upgrade your account with an Invite Code, and add extra features to Twadl. You won't be dissapointed.
Suzannah Claire

Chromed Bird - 5 views

  • Chromed Bird is a Twitter extension that allows you to follow your timelines and interact with your Twitter account.
  • Chromed Bird is an awesome Twitter extension for Google Chrome with lots of features. Some of the current features are: * [new] See all your tweets in an unified timeline; * Follow your timelines (including @mentions, lists, DMs and favorites) and navigate through your tweets; * Compose, reply, RT, share, favorite and delete tweets; * Create short URLs within the extension; * [new] Preview shortened URLs before clicking them; * Track read / unread tweets; * Notify user whenever new tweets arrive; * tweets caching to avoid hitting Twitter's API rate limit;
Fred Delventhal

Twitter Fantastico for Greasemonkey - 0 views

    Embedded reply and retweet. Hashtags support. Endless-tweet functionality. Highlighting of your tweets, plus tweets referring to you.
A. T. Wyatt

Tweetbots - Twitter bots that let you DM-Tweet, Auto-Follow and Feed-Tweet - 0 views

    Several services--allows multiple people to tweet to the same account, autofollow, takes data from an rss feed and creates a tweet for each post.
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