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Isabelle Jones

100 Tips, Apps, and Resources for Teachers on Twitter | Online College Degree - 0 views

  • this list of 100 tips, apps, and resources is worth browsing. Find out how to get started with Twitter, ways to use it in an educational setting, and tools to help you use it better with these resources
    Busy teachers may feel that taking the time to learn how to use Twitter isn't worth the return for the students benefit, so that's why this list of 100 tips, apps, and resources is worth browsing.
alfred westerveld

Microblogging Resources - 266 views

Hi, Great group this is. And you are right that we should stay on topic.... Alfred Lucy Gray wrote: > Hi All - > > Let's try and keep sharing of resources in this group to things that are relat...

jaiku microblog twitter

David VH

Twitter: Presentation and Resources | Angela Maiers Educational Services, Inc. - 4 views

    Recommended by other Diigo users. Have others in this group found this useful?
    Recommended by other Diigo users. (i.e. Great collection of resources and links to get teachers (and anyone) started using Twitter. --Debra Finger 6/6/12.)
Alex Sysoef

Earn More From Your Writing | WordPress Web 2.0 Spot-Er - 0 views

    in this post I want to talk about a new resource that was just made available that is completely unique in a way that it is 100% Affiliate Marketer friendly and manages to give you HUGE boost! And I will also provide you with a great resource to start taking advantage of those benefits RIGHT NOW
Sarah Sutter

ConverStations: Twitter + Yahoo Pipes = Signal - 0 views

    Will Richardson blogged about this - and it was super easy to do. Since Twitter is blocked at school, this will be a great way to get the resources later.
    How to make a yahoo pipe to feed tweets with urls to your rss reader so you don't miss the resources over the course of a day.
Isabelle Jones

Twitter Twitter Tweet Tweet - 0 views

    fantastic training resource for twitter
Alice Barr

Twitter for Learning - 55 Great Articles : eLearning Technology - 8 views

    "In a recent conversation, I was asked what I thought about twitter as a learning tool. Over the course of the past few years I've moved from saying "I don't get it" - to feeling like it's a good addition to my Learning Tool Set. But I also think that there's a lot more help now around how to make effective use of Twitter as a learning tool. I thought it would be worthwhile to pull together these resources."
Maggie Tsai

Recommendation for this group setting - 148 views

Your group is being featured on diigo homepage The list will rotate. Any other good groups, Lists, Users, Site Communities, ... please kindly recommend. We would ...

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Chris Bell

Horton Hears a Tweet (EDUCAUSE Quarterly) | EDUCAUSE - 6 views

  • Although there are many definitions of student engagement, we see it as the time and energy students devote to educationally purposeful activities and the extent to which the university encourages students to participate in activities that lead to their academic success.
  • With Twitter, as with all social-networking tools, the value of the experience hinges on three things: (1) who you are connected to and with; (2) how frequently you participate; and (3) how conscientious you are about contributing value to the community. Therefore, to establish relevance and to make sure students got off to a good start, we took the following steps:
    "Because social-networking tools are forums for personalized, socially focused conversations, the communities that spring from these tools are person/people-centered. As Porter explained, this person/people-centeredness results in the value of participation being opaque for anyone who is not participating. To address this problem, we made sure that students who chose not to participate (because the value of participation is opaque for them) had access to our tweets by incorporating an RSS feed-like Twitter widget in our LMS. (See Figure 5.) Many widgets like these can be found online, although we should note that this particular widget has limitations. As seen in the example in Figure 5, the widget only displays Joni's posts, not the back-and-forth exchanges between her and members of her network. Students might incorrectly assume that the interaction is one-sided and less than dynamic. Besides keeping students apprised of the resources we shared via Twitter, however, this widget allowed them to vicariously discover Twitter's value. Some students later chose to join us in Twitter because they had a better understanding of what they were getting into because its value was less opaque. Ultimately, we found that Twitter helped us achieve our student-engagement objective, but we also quickly discovered that students' Twitter participation led to other notable instructional outcomes."
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