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Valerie B.

Twitter Twerp Scan - 0 views

shared by Valerie B. on 28 Apr 08 - Cached
    Scanner to block or not follow people that have a certain number of followers or a ratio of following to followers that is too skewed.
    a little thingiemajigger here. It'll check the number of followers of everyone on your contact list, the number of people they are following, and the ratio between those. If the person is following more than 1000 people (can be customised), and has a Following-to-Followers ratio higher than 1:1 (can be customised), you'll be informed (by a "Block" link).
Mark Wagner

Twellow :: Twitter Search Directory, Twitter Search Engine - 0 views

shared by Mark Wagner on 02 Jun 08 - Cached
    analyze and categorize each of the users responsible for those messages into the various categories found at By adding these people to specific categories we help you narrow your searching into specific niches where you can find who you are looking for."
    Search for people on Twitter. It seems to work.
Lucy Gray

TwitterWho - Batch People Search for Twitter - 0 views

    This makes calls to Twitter's people search form found at, but lets you enter multiple queries at once so you can find people more efficiently.
Lisa Thumann

Flip your text on Twitter - 0 views

    This is the tool people use to get their text upside down on Twitter
  • ...1 more comment...
    I tried this by pasting the upside down text into Pownce and it turned up a bunch of gobbledy gook. Haven't tried it in Twitter yet....
    Okay, it worked in Twitter and totally freaked people out. LOL
    Just tried using twitbin and shoot, if freaked me out . . . worked fine.
Maggie Verster

Ready to Tweet? Twitter for Professional Coaches, Consultants, and Mentors - 4 views

  • Kindness, appreciation, and generosity are very meaningful on Twitter, just as in real life. Come to think of it, Twitter IS real life with real people who think and feel.
    Lovely down to earth look at twitter for beginners. I like this: Kindness, appreciation, and generosity are very meaningful on Twitter, just as in real life. Come to think of it, Twitter IS real life with real people who think and feel.
Anil Das

twook4it : search people on twitter looking or searching for something - 0 views

shared by Anil Das on 11 Apr 09 - Cached
    twook4it lists all people on twitter looking or searching for something, maybe you can help them find what they are looking for? You can search too! No signup needed.
Andrew DeVigal

What are the people of the NY Times saying on Twitter today? - 0 views

    "What are the people of the NY Times saying on Twitter today?"
Baxter Tocher

Retwact - 1 views

shared by Baxter Tocher on 30 Apr 13 - No Cached
    Notifies people who have RTd you that you've made changes to your tweet.
Janos Haits

Little Bird - 0 views

    Are you in the right conversations with the people that matter?
Janos Haits

You Asked It! - 2 views

    So many questions, so little time... Thousands of people are asking questions on Twitter, answer them!
Janos Haits

Breaking news, latest news, and current events - - 2 views

    Breaking News brings you the biggest stories as they happen, 24 hours a day, from hundreds of news sources across the globe. On many stories, we combine eyewitness accounts shared on social media from people at the scene. We publish on, @breakingnews on Twitter, Facebook and on three mobile apps.
Janos Haits

Eddy - 1 views

    Eddy is a media aggregation platform built for the public display of up-to-the-minute activity on realtime services like Twitter. It offers three primary features: rapid collection and curation of what people are saying about an event, moderation of acceptable material, and speedy, reliable republishing of these conversational streams. Setup of the application is fast and easy, and made specifically for use by interactive media designers.
Janos Haits

Skills - 2 views

    Tag yourself and your Twitter friends with endorsements for skills. Search for people whose skills you require.
Phil Slade

The Ultimate Guide To Adding Cool Symbols To Your Tweets | Twitter Tips And Updates From Buffer - 5 views

    "Lots of people like to add things like ♥✩♬♡►♪☺♫ to their tweets for fun, but did you know adding symbols can make your tweets shorter and easier to read too? Or that there are over 109,000 symbols available? Or that the Wall Street Journal uses symbols to add bar charts to its tweets?"
Kerry J

The neuroscience of online learning Registration, Adelaide - Eventbrite - 1 views

    Neuroscience has shown that our brains are plastic and that education, gaming and the use of technology can change our brains' connectivity, function and structure. (1, 2) But learning is more than just biology - it is affected by our learning environment and the people with whom and from whom we learn. So how do you take what neuroscience reveals about the plastic, learning brain and combine it with educational research, expertise and common sense? Klevar, in association with Flinders University, are offering you the chance to explore this with Dr Paul Howard-Jones of the University of Bristol, researcher and author of "Introducing Neuroeducational Research: Neuroscience, Education and the Brain from Contexts to Practice".
Rem Palpitt

Twitter CEO sees journalists as curators of tweets - 3 views

    "These little bits of information" are complementary to what journalists do. Twitter is working on relevancy and heping people find what is more relevant to them, says Williams, but sees a role for journalists in helping audiences sifting the signal from the noise. He talks about journalists' role as curating the messages on Twitter, with the Huffington Post being a leader in this area. But Williams also says the company wants to build more trust and authenticity into Twitter. The company is working on reputation systems, though this is still at its nascent phase.
Jeff Johnson

25 Important Twitter Guides and Apps For Teachers | Edudemic - 9 views

    Diving into a rich and overwhelming social network like Twitter can be difficult. I know of many teachers and academic-minded people who are still unsure about the merits of the tool or are simply unsure where to start. The following 10 (+1 bonus!) beginner's guides to Twitter each do a tremendous job at informing without confusing.
avivajazz  jazzaviva

How to Use Social Media to Land the Job of your Dreams - 0 views

    As the recession looms on, more and more people are turning to social media and blogs to look for jobs. Jamie Varon (@jamievaron) has generated buzz in the Twitter community with her new website called Twitter Should Hire Me, where she blogs candidly about her attempts to get a job at Twitter. In this interview, she shares her tips on how to use social media to land the job of your dreams, even in a recession.
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