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Kerry J

Help the nerdy teacher reach Taylor Swift - 0 views

    This teacher's kids want to use pop music they love for a project.  Their teacher wants them to do so legally and with respect, so he's trying to contact the artist directly.  To get her attention (the artist is Taylor Swift), he's asking all his Twitter PLN to re-tweet his open letter to Taylor Swift to her Twitter account, so her mentions column will be filled with the RT of his letter.  If you Tweet, please copy and paste this into Twitter:RT @thenerdyteacher An open Letter to @TaylorSwift13 -
Tamura Jones

TweepMe Effect - 0 views

    Open Letter to the TweepMe Tribe explaining the TweepMe Effect.
Jeff Johnson

Finally One Example of Collaborative Journalism (Conversation Agent) - 0 views

    How will this start changing the game? Josh Korr of Publishing 2.0 reports that about a week ago, four journalists from Washington state began reporting a major local story in collaboration with each other on Twitter. Writes Korr:Those four journalists weren't in the same newsroom. In fact, they all work for different media companies. And here's the best part: Some of them have never even met in person.Could journalists have discovered the same thing we have also been exploring collectively online? That collaboration strengthens a network and draws more readers, not less. I also agree with Korr that news organizations need to start investing in smart journalists who get the power of cooperation. To summarize what these fine professionals did: Acted in real time and focused on the reporting of the events - in line with the Twitter culture of immediacy as well as a sense of urgency for their readers at the respective mastheads Collaborated with each other to cover the story as it was unfolding instead of worrying about the credit - imagine the first cross-news organization team that wins a Pulitzer, now wouldn't that be news? Provided higher quality news than just one person doing the reporting. There was some skepticism in the comments to Korr's post. Maybe this is not the first time journalists network for a news story. This collaboration so open on Twitter seems quite novel to me.I know some of my readers are journalists or are studying journalism. What possibilities do you see...
qualitypoint Tech

Twitter allows large-sized images in the profile? - 6 views

    Normally if we click on the profile image of Twitter profile, the profile image/picture will be opened with almost same size (i-e small size)
my mashable

Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop An Alternative for Outlook - 0 views

    Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop - It's an offline capable client so you can take your data with you whenever you don't have internet access powerd with Ajax technology. Working offline is major feature integrated with Zimbra soon after Google adding offline access through open source gear projects. You can access Zimbra Mail. Yahoo! Mail. Gmail. AOL in one common place. Even Outlook and other business e-mail account can be accessed using POP or IMAP.
sandy ingram

Twitter Spam Spreads Worm - Business Center - PC World - 0 views

    Twitter spam bearing a worm virus is on the loose today trying to lure Twitter users into opening a malicious file attachment containing malware that could take over Windows-based machines, Symantec is warning. It works through a Twitter message that arrives claiming your friends are inviting you to join them and to check the attachment -- which is a ZIP file -- to find out who, says Kevin Haley, director of Symantec's security response division. "It's a new social-engineering trick," he says, adding the payload is Ackantta.B, a variant on the Ackantta worm discovered in February that has been used in e-mail spam attacks.
Michael Marlatt

.: sermad :. » Blog Archive » Making the physical invisible - 0 views

    'The Physical Internet' as a buzz phrase has been thrown about a fair bit recently and only really recently have I seen things start to get interesting. I really like the idea of making the internet tangible and a flipside to this is taking a real world interaction and broadcasting this onto the net. A few things have made this much more attainable -> 1) Twitter and other systems have opened up to let other systems interact through them via an API to send/retrieve data. 2) Electronics such as arduino or ioBridge have made the geeky electronics bit much easier. 3) Programming interfaces such as Processing or openframeworks have made the geeky programming bit much easier. Here is a little recap of some interesting/useful/useless/fun interfaces.
Janos Haits

PlugThe.Net - 2 views

    PlugThe.Net will detect the endpoints of URLs in Tweets. So the plugin will show the title, the description and (if offered) the open graph image of the linked website.
Janos Haits

Pensqr - Connects you to what always matter - 3 views

    "Pensqr is a fun, organized & visualized space for people who share the same passion and interest about something. Pensqr is a topics based micro blogging service that aims to change the way you interact & connect to things of your interest. Open general topics, ask questions or discuss things you love in an easy, fun and visualized way."
Robert Hays

What is your favorite Twitter client? - 45 views

embarassedtobrag I'm a heavy Twitter user (I think 3rd ranked in Woodland Hills outside LA) and so I use TweetDeck - I found a great article on configuring it to use less API calls (yes, I need to ...

twitter twitter-client

Darren Draper

OPEN Teacher Talk: What is Your Network Diversity Index? - 0 views

  • If, like myself, the math makes you wail and gnash your teeth, try the following. Evaluate your network, divide it into groups, give each group a number and determine how many people you have representing each group. Then follow this link to a Shannon Index calculator, enter your the number of people you have in each group, compute and read the value for H1.
    • Darren Draper
      I plan on trying this for my Twitter network...
Mike Chelen

twitterircbot - Google Code - 0 views

    A bot that interfaces between irc and twitter. To use just edit the bot and change the config: my $ircserver = ''; //add your irc network my $ircchannel = '#corporate'; //add your irc channel my $nickname = '``twitter'; //add your twitter bots nick my $username = 'twittwittwit'; //add your twitter bots name my $twituser = 'twitterusername'; //add your twitter username my $twitpass= 'twitterpassword'; //add your twitter password then execute it with the usual: jhr@nata2:~$#$ perl It should output some status and server MOTD info and eventually connect to your channel. Once connected, you should be able to send an update to twitter by typing: !twitter update text to send to twitter If all goes well, an update will be sent to the twitter API and your update will be posted. The bot is also configured to send an update on channel topic change.

Spaz: An Open-Source Twitter Client for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux - 0 views

    Another twitter desktop client. I still LOVE tweetdeck, but would love to know if any of you are using this.
Maggie Tsai

Recommendation for this group setting - 148 views

Your group is being featured on diigo homepage The list will rotate. Any other good groups, Lists, Users, Site Communities, ... please kindly recommend. We would ...

admin control spam

Sean Brady

Sideline from Yahoo! - 0 views

    Search Twitter with Sideline. It allows users to create and group custom queries by topics of interest.
    Sideline is an Adobe® AIR™ desktop application built with the Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI). It allows users to create and group custom queries by topics of interest. Sideline is an open source application released under the BSD license. The first beta release is out and the code is hosted on github.
    Yahoo has a new Twitter client. Looks like Tweetdeck in some respects.
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