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Tracy Viselli

Zappos Blogs: CEO and COO Blog: How Twitter Can Make You A Better (and Happier) Person - 0 views

    On how twitter can make you a better person
Rem Palpitt

Twitter CEO sees journalists as curators of tweets - 3 views

    "These little bits of information" are complementary to what journalists do. Twitter is working on relevancy and heping people find what is more relevant to them, says Williams, but sees a role for journalists in helping audiences sifting the signal from the noise. He talks about journalists' role as curating the messages on Twitter, with the Huffington Post being a leader in this area. But Williams also says the company wants to build more trust and authenticity into Twitter. The company is working on reputation systems, though this is still at its nascent phase.
avivajazz  jazzaviva

'Twitter With a Purpose' for the Enterprise - 0 views

    "What are you going to get done with just a standalone Twitter? You're going to have a lot of conversations around something -- have conversations about content, collaboration, and people," says Ross Mayfield, CEO of Socialtext. "That's why I think something that is a conversational tool like this really benefits from a direct tie-in to the way you're otherwise working."
Lucy Gray

How to Get Customer Service via Twitter - ReadWriteWeb - 0 views

    Excellent article on how companies are using Twitter. I wonder if the Zappos CEO read this article and that's why he's now on Twitter! Also, I think I now want the title Community Evangelist. That's a job title the certainly didn't exist 20 years ago!
Andrew Long

How Facebook and Twitter are changing data privacy rules | CIO - 0 views

    Interesting discussion around the often trivial concernfrom executives with data privacy (outside of health data). Twitter and Facebook may help improve this situation.
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