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Sue Bride

Twitter Twitters! - 0 views

  • Twitter Twitters allows you to tag your followers into different Twitters. Then you can send a message to those Twitters without needing to send the message to each person one at a time!
  • Twitter Twitters allows you to tag your followers into different Twitters. Then you can send a message to those Twitters without needing to send the message to each person one at a time!
    Twitter Twitters allows you to tag your followers into different Twitters. Then you can send a message to those Twitters without needing to send the message to each person one at a time!
Sean Brady

Jeremey's Weblog: Why Twitter? - 0 views

  • Twitter is direct. I can work out lunch arrangements or a meeting about a business opportunity very quickly, with multiple people, from anywhere, as long as I have at least SMS access. This gets at the heart of what Twitter is... Twitter is another level of indirection (for you C programmers), or another layer (for you networking people), for connecting people, and that, combined with its simplicity and ease of operation, makes it very powerful. It's a big lever and a light touch is all you need
  • Finally, Twitter is a powerful tool for "grass-roots" information. All of that connectedness and genuine interaction leads to a lot of real-time information sharing, everything from restaurant criticism to traffic reports to emergencies, with real results. Real people help each other, inform each other, etc. This is what the media have picked up on and part of why they now can't speak a sentence without saying something about Twitter.
    • Iris Deters
      Good summary. At first I didn't get what all the fuss was about. Why would one want to read or even monitor someone's constant stream of 140 characters gibberish. I'm too busy as it is. Later I start to realize, hey, this is a much quicker way of checking out what your friends are up to, getting some instant Q&A response, or conducting research on practically anything or getting a real-time pulse of the latest buzz. Then I also realize this is so much easier than to write a blog - which one always needs to be so much more deliberate in composing a good post. Whereas Twitter, you just need to share whatever on your mind at the moment. Thus, another Twitter convert is born, and loving it!
    • Maggie Tsai
      You come to the right group :-)
    One guys idea of the Why's of using Twitter.
Jeff Johnson

I Like Plurk Better Than Twitter, But Should I Even Bother? - 0 views

    Enter Plurk; it's another Twitter clone which takes the Twitter concept and puts it on a timeline. The service has an odd, quirky feel to it; it's much more visual than Twitter, and it's fun to use. It uses colors to emphasize your 'moods', and it introduces the concept of karma, which should be familiar to Reddit users; the more you use the service, the more karma you get. In this case, karma even lets you unlock certain features, which almost feels like a mini game (if you like very boring mini games). Finally, just like Pownce, Plurk lets you divide your friends into "cliques", which is just a fancy word for Twitters.
Michelle Thompson

twitter moms - Moms who tweet: find, follow, lead, learn, love and share - 0 views

    Twitter Moms - Twitters of Twitter lovers with a commonality in being mothers. There are all sorts of Twitters - from crafting to technology, business to just being moms. Joining up is like joining a Ning network, there are forums, badges, photos, events, personal pages, and subTwitters under the Twitter Moms flagship.
avivajazz  jazzaviva

Twitter for Wishes & Obstacles - 0 views

    Barbara Sher, author of Wishcraft, started a Twitter thread-thingie called #ideaparty. Its for problem-solving wishes and obstacles together with other Twitterers. You can join the party thru a "chat" room, or do it thru your Twitter account. Just use the #ideaparty hashtag. Read this first:
Bryan R. Adams

Influential Marketing Blog: 7 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Twitter's Success - 0 views

    By any measure, the growth and popularity of Twitter has been phenomenal. To say that Twitter has hit mainstream isn't really the right metric to use. It's more powerful to note that for a large Twitter of Twitter enthusiasts, to...
Espreson Media

4 Ways to Make Money with Twitter - 0 views

    4 ways to Make Money with Twitter featuring money making sites like Magpie,Sponsored Tweets,TweetROI and TwittAd. This site helps you make money out of your Twitter account in different ways.
    This Twitterfreak Twitter member is promoting his own links, FYI. Most of the links in his public Diigo account are to this site. If people continue to do this, they'll be banned from this Twitter.
Zulkarnain K.

FlockUp : Find Similar Twitter Users - 0 views

    Twitter is a big place. A real big place. When you first join, it can be a little overwhelming. Who do you follow? How do you find other Twitters with similar interests? FlockUp is here to help you answer these questions. Here, you can: * Create a flock. Examples include: - A topic of interest: ruby - An event: webinno20 - A location: boston * Add 'flockers' to a flock. This just means adding a Twitter user to a 'flock'.
Vicki Davis

Twitter Twitters - teachers ~ teachers - 0 views

    If you are a teacher on twitter, you can "join" this twitter - which means nothing except your name is added to a list. I like this b/c it helps teachers find other teachers. Wish it let you put a little info but you can look at the twitter id's - I like that it is automated even the excessive ads are a little bothersome, I can live with that -- share your id or make another twitter.
darren mccarty

How to launch / market a new twitter app - 138 views

I would be interested in being an alpha tester....Twitter is simply a fascinating tool. Maggie Tsai wrote: > [Private discussion for Twitter members only - thanks] > > We'll be laun...

launch marketing

qualitypoint Tech

Twitter Applications Introductory offer will end Today - 2 views

    Group of Group applications for managing your multiple Group accounts effectively to improve your social media marketing.
Tracy Viselli

  How to make custom Twitter Twitters by Christopher S. Penn's Awaken Your Superhero - 0 views

    create a twitter twitter using yahoo pipes
alfred westerveld

Microblogging Resources - 265 views

Hi, Great group this is. And you are right that we should stay on topic.... Alfred Lucy Gray wrote: > Hi All - > > Let's try and keep sharing of resources in this group to things that are relat...

jaiku microblog twitter


Why Twitter | whyTwitter - 2 views

shared by RalphEhlers on 22 Nov 09 - Cached
  • Google Wave Guide: User Manual Released for Wave November 22, 2009 | In: Google Wave, The Latest Tweat Confused about how to use Google Wave, the new Google product that combines messaging, wiki-like features and group collaboration into a single app? You’re not alone. To clear up the confusion,  you are invited to the recently published Google...
    All you need to know about Twitter Spam, Twitter News, Twitter Information, TwitterFilter, Social Marketing, Google Wave
Mike Romard

Other Twitter Freaks - 177 views

TwitterMania? TwitterBowl? TwitterTags? Lucy Gray wrote: > FYI - > > There's a Twitter in Facebook with the same name. I must have seen it before I created this Twitter and the name stuck in my s...

hwaawy mnn9

‪❥┈❀Group❀@Rt_Up❀┈❥‬ (rt_up) على تويتر - 0 views

    Group @Rt_Up Group @Rt_Up Group
Fred Delventhal

Twitter as Dinner Conversation: A Guide to Using Replies - 0 views

    Twitter is a lot like a dinner with a large Twitter of friends at a big table in a busy restaurant. Everyone is chatting, there's a lot being said, and if you're not focused on a particular conversation, it sounds downright noisy. So just like a large Twitter setting in real life, there are some conventions about how people tune in to listen and the most effective ways to be sociable.
Lisa Simpkins

21 free Twitter downloads E-books,tutorials,guides etc. - 34 views

Share Pics On Twitter-Share Videos On Twitter- Share Blogs On Twitter. Share an Event with RSVP features built right in to the events calendar or create a Discussion and Share it using our unique T...

Twitter free ebooks tutorials guides

started by Lisa Simpkins on 28 Jun 09 no follow-up yet
Alice Barr

Newbie's guide to Twitter | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone - CNET - 0 views

    Twitter is an interesting and practical real-time messaging system for Twitters and friends. It's just not completely obvious how to get into the "club." So, here's a newbie's guide to this new platform. We don't cover every feature of Twitter, but this should help get you started.
Janos Haits

Formulists - 3 views

    Organize groups of people on group into auto-updating lists.
    Dynamic Twitter lists personalized for you and updated daily Formulists-generated lists continuously self-update and can be viewed or deleted from any Twitter client!
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