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Vicki Davis

Goodies - Buffer - 1 views

    There is a new site I'm seeing called Buffer. It lets you find things and put them into your "buffer" - another autotweeting type service. You can use with facebook but beware that often Facebook makes things not typed "live" into facebook have a lower priority and not put them on homestreams.
Vicki Davis

Tweet and ye shall receive « My Take On It - 4 views

    Great post about the power of Twitter. It is almost so commonplace as to be trite. But it isn't trite. It is a very real part of a good teacher's PLN. Better than a search engine, the people engine of a giving, helpful group of twitters. But remember that in order to Tweet and receive, you also have to share and receive. You get back far more than you give but you should give not just ask. In short, be there for your tweeps and your tweeps will be there for you.
Danny Nicholson

Ten Twitter Tips for Teachers | The Whiteboard Blog - 10 views

    a guide to getting started with twitter

Justin Tarte - Life of an educator...: 10 Steps for Educators New to Twitter... - 8 views

    10 Steps for Educators New to Twitter...

Justin Tarte - Life of an educator...: Why Twitter should be a part of your PLN... - 7 views

    Why Twitter should be a part of your PLN...
Pablo Galaz Esquivel

Twitoaster - the Twitter conversations service - 8 views

    the homepage for Twitoaster conversation service - I'm taking a look at this. Still loving hootsuite but sometimes conversations can be hard to follow there.
A. T. Wyatt

100 Serious Twitter Tips for Academics | Best Colleges Online - 0 views

    Links to some good resources on using twitter in higher ed.
Danny Nicholson

Nine great reasons why teachers should use Twitter | Laura Walker - 0 views

    What's the point of Twitter? Why should educators get involved? What difference does using Twitter make?
Valerie B.

Use Twitter in PowerPoint | Poll Everywhere - 0 views

    Use Twitter in PowerPoint
Jennifer Dorman

How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live - TIME - 0 views


    Evan Williams and Biz Stone of Twitter

    Robyn Twomey for TIME










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    The one thing you can say for certain about Twitter is that it makes a
    terrible first impression. You hear about this new service that lets you send
    140-character updates to your "followers," and you think, Why does the world
    need this, exactly? It's not as if we were all sitting around four years ago
    scratching our heads and saying, "If only there were a technology that would
    allow me to send a message to my 50 friends, alerting them in real time about my
    choice of breakfast cereal."



    Host Katherine Lanpher talks with TIME's Just Fox on stocks vs. bonds and
    Barbara Kiviat about the housing market's new movement




    The World
    of Twitter


    Top 10
    Celebrity Twitter Feeds


    Ways Twitter Will Change American Business


    TIME 100: The Twitter Guys by Ashton Kutcher

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    TIME 100: The Twitter Guys by Ashton Kutcher

    TIME 100: The Twitter Guys by Ashton Kutcher

    Future of Twitter

    I, too, was skeptical at first. I had met Evan Williams, Twitter's
    co-creator, a couple of times in the dotcom '90s when he was launching Back then, what people worried about was the threat that blogging
    posed to our attention span, with telegraphic, two-paragraph blog posts
    replacing long-format articles and books. With Twitter, Williams w
    "Injecting Twitter into that conversation fundamentally changed the rules of engagement. It added a second layer of discussion and brought a wider audience into what would have been a private exchange. And it gave the event an afterlife on the Web. Yes, it was built entirely out of 140-character messages, but the sum total of those tweets added up to something truly substantive, like a suspension bridge made of pebbles."
Danny Nicholson 100 Excellent, Educational Twitter Feeds - Learn-gasm - 0 views

    Twitter offers a real-world education, right at your fingertips. It is a wonderful tool for collecting information, much of it educational. You can find educators, librarians, museums, and more on Twitter. Read on, and you'll find 100 of the most educational feeds on Twitter.
Ann Oro

Top 100 Tools for the Twittering Teacher | Best Colleges Online - 0 views

    From best colleges online - 100 Twitter tools for teachers.
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