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Janos Haits - 3 views

    Followerwonk helps you explore and grow your social graph.
Janos Haits - 3 views

    Track, discover and explore activity in your city or across the globe. To get started, sign in with your Twitter account or simply close this dialog and find something interesting near you.
Chris Miller

Tadvise - check tweets for relevancy in advance - 3 views

    Wondering to tweet or not? retweet or not? Tadvise can help you! Tadvise is an advisor and assistant for Twitter. It analyses your followers and also the followers of your followers and reports you if the tweet that you are going to send is interesting (or relevant) for them or not. It also recommends you several followers, who can efficiently retweet your tweet... plus more features... Tadvise aims to boost collaboration by encouraging users to (re)tweet worthy items and thus helping you to get only appropriate stuff.
Janos Haits

Streamie - 3 views

    Streamie is a full realtime Twitter client that runs in your web browser. New tweets will appear in your timeline immediately when someone posts them to Twitter.
Meri Walker

TweepSearch - 0 views

    Twitter Search
    Use to search for keywords or LOCATIONS in twitter BIOS
Jeff Johnson

Langwitches » Digital StoryTelling- What Comes to Mind? - 0 views

  • As many of you know, who follow me on Langwitches, I am working on a Digital Storytelling Guide for Educators. I will be using Wordle to create a storytelling cloud with words that come to mind when you think what Digital Storytelling means to or for you. Please contribute keywords, that come to YOUR mind when you think of storytelling in a comment. Don’t hesitate to add duplicate keywords what digital storytelling means to you. That way Wordle will highlight more important keywords. I will add your reponses through the comments and through Twitter and Plurk to Wordle and add the collaborative cloud to this post and as part of the cover art of the hardcover book that will be available for free download on . This cloud will be a digital story in itself, told by all of us!
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