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Doug George

Does your job match your personality? | Big Think - 2 views

    "Your personality will partially determine how good you are at your job, especially if you have a complex job that requires more than rote behavior. So are you and your job a good fit? If you're a creative person who is open to trying new things-openness being one of the Big Five personality traits-you're more likely to succeed at jobs that require novel solutions over efficient ones. On the other hand, if you're conscientious-another Big Five personality trait-you're likely to be better off in a management or administrative position."
Stephanie Meerschaert

8 Reasons Time Spent Alone Is the Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself - 5 views

    If you work your self-sufficiency muscle, you'll learn that you can withstand almost anything. Your powers of observation will become almost superhuman. No longer will you feel trapped in a life you hate. And you'll have a new soul mate at the end of the journey-you.
    LOVE this!
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