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Janos Haits

View net surveillance online cameras - 20 views

    "Online IP netsurveillance cameras of the world. A site of online insecure cameras. The purpose of the site is to show the importance of settings and changing the security settings on internet cameras."

Wife And Horny Boss On My Promotion - Indian Desi Stories - Best Desi Sex Stories | Free Hindi Sex Story - 0 views

    Wife and horny boss On My Promotion The incident i am going to narrate is a real one. It happened just a week back. I work in a pvt export firm that exports garments, its a small firm with around 20 odd employees, since iam the only professional MBA in comparison to my other colleagues i directly report into the MD Mr. Hussain. Mr Hussain is close to 55 years old has a dark face with spots and would be considered ugly had it not been for his muscular body and height. He is also immacuately dressed, and wears the best of suites. He is not a professional MBA but is very sly shrewd and opportunistic to the core Mr Hussain has married twice but has no kids till date. The guy is a sex maniac to the core, his Laptop is filled with pics of naked young girls of the age of his daughter in short skirts But Mr. Hussain really like me he respects my qualification and business sense. He tell me that he sees me as his next successor in business who would take his firm to the next level.In the last few days Mr. Hussain has been really worried because of the Ruppee appreciation against dollars as this has adversely hit his income. It was a Saturday 21st April i reached office on time, although Saturdays are generally off days i go to office on Sat to complete miscellaneous work. To my suprise i found Mr. Hussain there. Me: Good Morning Sir, you are in office today. MD: Good Morning Anuj yeah i am just not able to rest in peace since this damn ruppee started gaining momemtum. Me. Sir you shouldnt be worried such thing are cyclical an economy goes through such phases MD: I hope you are correct like always, but what brings you here? Me: i wanted to send the mails to the Ad agency that we spoke of on Friday couldnt do it yesterday. MD: What the fuck why dont you send the mail of Monday take a break you have a young wife take her out. Why are you wasting your sat. Me. No sir i want to send it today so that they can start work on it first thing on a monday. MD: You are mad (he s
Janos Haits

A Video Service For Blogs | VideofyMe - 0 views

    upload and record video with your mobile video camera or webcam
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