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Online Marketing Tools - 0 views

    Linking DigiWorld is one of the best company for digital marketing in Pune area. We use effective marketing strategies over all social media platforms. Among all social media let's discuss about twitter. Twitter Marketing Twitter marketing is one of the hardest marketing technique above all the social media platforms where 1 tweet can remain on an average of just 18 minutes and over 8000+ tweets are sent in single second so it's hard to stick at the clients. but there are some tips which will help us to do marketing activities. >>> Your Twitter name has to be easy-to-remember, and short so that people can easily tag you. When someone tries to explore your name, they will use your name to find your page. Keep your names same to all your social platforms. If you use a name that's different from our company or brand then you might confuse fans or make your page hard to find. >>> Optimize your bio to showcase your brand's personality and the bio should be a most effective one with special keywords. In simple words, it describes our brand in the market and feels free to speak out originally. >>> Tweet during peak hours where you can find more clients to attach to your post. Basically, the peak hours can between 12 pm to 6 pm with Monday to Friday working hours. >>> use of hashtags should not exceed than 3. And the keywords should be more important and we can use hashtagify to know the best hashtag keyword which we can include. >>> Use images to tweet because it will help to get retweet by liking the post again and again. but just make a note that the images which we upload for the tweet should be high resolution and if it is not possible then it's better to don't post the simple picture it will reduce the quality and traffic of the website. video can another b the best tweet to be made publically.

Gmail - 0 views

    Hello Welcome to Diigo! Better learning through our advanced online knowledge platform. Collect, Store, Organize and Share your research easily and efficiently. Experience better learning with advanced online bookmarking and online annotations where you can online links, highlight text, and add sticky notes directly on any web page. Structure your learning resources through Outliner and share your research with select individuals or through Diigo Groups for collaborative projects. Our goal is to help improve how you discover, remember, collaborate and share on the web.
yc c

Web 2.0 Search Engine Of Links, Online Applications & Web 20 Sites - 16 views

  • Simply search for a keyword of what your wish to make or work with to see the tools & related Web 2.0 links available (example search links: mashups, blogging, viral videos, clipart, designing, social socialging, AJAX apps, file storage/sharing, RSS feeds, anti-spam tools, CSS layout generators, image editors, DHTML codes, webmaster tools, calendars, data organizing, calculators, file conversions, Atom, sync, blog (URL) submits, web APIs, tutorials, etc).
    bit out dated
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Social Bookmarking Feeds OPML Generator - 1 views

  • Generate an OPML file (or just a list of feed URLs) for, Simpy, Connotea, CiteULike and/or Scuttle RSS feeds, as well as generating feeds to systems on other domains that conform to the URL structures used by, Connotea and Scuttle.
    OPML code generator for, Simpy, Connotea, CiteULike and/or Scuttle RSS feeds, with options for URL structures (used by, Connotea and Scuttle) username and tags.
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motionbox - 11 views

  • sign in | join | help | feedback my videos | upload videos | groups | explore
Janos Haits - Discover, Blink & Share - 5 views

    Never Lose a Cool Web Page Again Easily view your links from any computer and save a copy offline. Find Any of Your Links in 0.18 Seconds or Faster Links are automatically organized and searched faster than Google. Easily Share Your Links with Others While browsing, you can save and share links in one click.
Janos Haits

GiveALink | Home - 8 views

    share your bookmarks with the community and help others navigate the web.
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