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Online Alarm Clock - About / Sitemap - 3 views

    Sitemap - Online Alarm Clock Clock Radio Clock Radio Stations Video Alarm Clock Mobile Alarm Clock | Open as Pop-Up NASA Copied About OnlineClock Alarm Clock Blog Privacy Policy 24 Hour Display (Military Time) Alarm Clock Online Alarm Clock Online Stopwatch Countdown Timer Popular Countdowns Minute Timer Binary Clock Space Clock
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Color reminder - Design inspiration - 7 views

    Coloreminder is a web tool, that helps designer, webmasters... to find colors easily and inspiration. The color variation is very useful when you need to create a web page, design with differents areas. You can select a color into the list or enter the color you need (color picker)... Just generate the result to get many variations, or others colors options (Invert , Greyscale, Web color, Complementary, Analogic )
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Color Theory for web designers - Colors on the Web - color combination, color wheel, color schemes - 7 views

  • The Color Wizard The color Wizard will generate matching colors schemes such as complementary, split complementary and analogous colors, chromatic variations and shade and tint variantion. Go to Color Wizard Color Wheel Need some color ideas? This analog tool will generate random color combinations and display in sample designs. Ideal when you are running out of ideas and need something fresh to consider. Spin the Color Wheel Contrast Analyzer Unsure if the color combination you are considering have enough contrast? The Color Contrast Analyser will tell you whether two colors meet the accessibility guidelines defined by the W3 consortium. Go to Color Contrast Analyser
    This site is dedicated to the use of colors in design, and especially in web design. I'm hoping that this site will give web designers a better understanding of the importance of colors-- that there might be more to colors than you once thought. Some of the topics I discuss on this site are: color theory the color wheel color combinations color physics colors on the web
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