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Janos Haits

WebPagetest - 14 views

    WebPagetest is a tool that was orginially developed by AOL for use internally and was open-sourced in 2008. The online version at is an industry collaboration with various companies providing the testing infrastructure for testing your site from across the globe.
yc c

BKWLD › Buk Life › Cufón speed test - 3 views

  • Not knowing how fast Cufón could render when given a lot of text, I put a test together.  PHP renders out a bunch of random text in blocks ranging from 10 characters to 1,000,000 characters.  Then Cufón goes to task on each, in sequence.  JS tells  you how long it takes.  Try it out here, but be advised it can crash your browser.
    At 100,000 characters, FF3 threw "A script is running slow, blah blah" messages.  IE7 just crashed.  Safari 4 hung in there till 1,000,000 but then it gave up.  It looks like Apple's claims about Safari 4's speed have some truth.  I didn't test any of the past generation of browsers, I may go back and add them later.
yc c

Load Impact - Free web site load test - 0 views

    allow you to test how your website can handle various blasts of traffic. The results with sites hosted at WpWebHost are excellent.
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