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    How it works In today's modern Internet, search engines have full control over the web, they can make sites be the center of attention or make them disappear altogether in a flash. A web site that is not referenced by Google, Yahoo or MSN is virtually nonexistent to the average user; it is also largely accepted that search engines cover only 20% of the World Wide Web today. In other words, search engine algorithms dictate which web sites are 'visible' and which web sites don't exist. There is nothing democratic about it, the search engines decide. Either you fit in the system, or you're out of the game. No matter how good your web site is, no matter how good users think your web site is, machines decide if it is a good match for you or not. It could be full of junk for all you know, as long as it follows the rules of page ranking and other criterias set by the algorithms. Like it or not, there is a dictatorship of information, no matter how good the intentions of these companies are, they have control over what you see. Who can better judge if a web site is a good match for your key words, if it's not you ? Aren't you the one who should judge if a web site is right for you? User driven Umibozu attempts to address this problem by providing users the means to vote for web sites that they find interesting or useful, bringing more democracy to the web 2.0. In order to start off the process though, Umibozu brings together all the results of the major search engines in one place, then lets the user refine the results. After all, machines also have the right to vote. Meta search engine Say you're looking for the best pizza place in town, you should not take for granted whatever your good friend tells you, it's always best to have several recommendations, no matter how much you trust this friend. Also, your taste and preferences are an important factor in your choice for a good pizza, and should be taken into account when looking for a good place to eat. This is why Um
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