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Jim Aird

Nurse Program Reimagines Diagnostic Training for Online Students - Wired Campus - Blogs... - 0 views

  • “I would like to see this move out of just nursing and be utilized in any discipline where you want to show a student how to do something,”
Jim Aird

College papers: Students hate writing them. Professors hate grading them. Let's stop as... - 0 views

  • fter reading your article, I feel sorry for the author.  I do not know the identity of the alleged plagiarizing, font-adjusting, slackers are, but they certainly did not attend any four-year university I, or my family has attended.  I agree with Hannah Dodd that you show nothing but "complete contempt and loathing for" your students as well as for her career.  This author's experience sounds like high school, but the truth is that universities require most papers be submitted through programs that scan essays and compare the writing with hundreds of thousands of sources to expose plagiarism.  This article is extremely insulting to every student, including me, who ever wrote a college essay.   Essays written for the history department of CSU Long Beach had to pass the plagiarism test, as well show that the student can think critically and relate that critical thinking to a PhD-holding professor.   Those few who do not pass muster will eventually find themselves outside the halls of the college, as California universities do not tolerate plagiarism or patterns of poor grades.  How dare this woman belittle the hard work of tens of thousands of hard-working, INTELLIGENT students and professors.
Jim Aird

New Council to Develop Standards, Best Practices for Online Learning - Wired Campus - T... - 0 views

  • “The missing piece is how much are students learning amid all this technology? The other piece is what are the metrics, best practices, and eventually standards, if you will, that are collectively developed and acceptable for those who engage?”
Jim Aird

Digital Literacy: Why adaptability is key - Chimera EDUCATION - 0 views

    "Give students a chunk of time without instruction to explore a new tech program before using it.
    Encourage students to use online resources to figure the program out.
    Create a backchannel discussion or an online forum where students can post links to helpful resources or ask questions.  Encourage your tech savvy students who get it faster than the others to monitor the boards and answer questions electronically.  Using an electronic forum with delayed responses instead of face-to-face assistance will encourage adaptability and eliminate the possibility that a tech-light student will sit back and let the tech-savvy student fix the problem or do the work.
    To avoid frustration, stop after 15 minutes and distribute a self-assessment rubric on adaptability (see my example below).  Debrief with students about their experiences.  For those who fall in the flexible and adaptable category, what strategies did they use to navigate through unfamiliar interfaces?  For those who didn't, how can they improve their experience for the next time?"
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