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Valerie Irvine

Call for Submissions | DEANZ Conference 2016 - 0 views

    "by 30 September 2015"
Rich McCue

Want to Make Your Course 'Gameful'? A Michigan Professor's Tool Could Help - Wired Camp... - 0 views

shared by Rich McCue on 15 May 15 - No Cached
  • Mr. Fishman has borrowed elements of gaming to develop GradeCraft, a learning-management system that lets instructors organize their courses in a “gameful” way.
  • The system lets students choose their own path through a course, selecting the assignments that interest and challenge them. At its heart is a tool, called the “grade predictor,” that helps to “manage some of the chaos” of such a personalized system. The grade predictor also helps students figure out what they need to do to reach the classroom goals they set for themselves.
  • Instructors, meanwhile, can allow students to revise their work. Mr. Fishman’s assessment system treats unsuccessful assignments not as failures but as learning experiences that pull students closer to mastery.
Rich McCue

Emerging Practices in Open Online Learning Environments | George Veletsianos - 0 views

  • To summarize:

    1. Online learning is becoming more interdisciplinary, but we need to work together and address our assumptions
    2. There is excitement about learning analytics, but we also need to understand why people do the things that they do
    3. For example, we see that online education needs to accommodate lives as opposed to the other way round
    4. And we see that by interviewing people we can get a better sense of the things that they do that don’t get captured by the digital trails they leave behind.

    Thank you for being a great audience. I am really excited to hear the speakers that follow me, as I am sure you are!

Rich McCue

Microsoft HoloLens | Official Site - 0 views

    What new pedagogies will Microsoft's @HoloLens technology enable? #EdTech #tielab #edci336
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