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Aurialie Jublin

The End of a Job as We Know It - 0 views

  • Pfizer, for example, has set "increase business agility" as one of its four goals for the coming year. The company created an internal labor marketplace called PfizerWorks that lets employees bid on work from each other. Executives at Siemens told me that one of their biggest challenges today is moving engineers into new roles so they can focus on new business areas. InBev (Anheuser Busch), Scotiabank, and MetLife have all launched global talent mobility programs to force people to gain global awareness and expand business opportunities.
  • In our research we call this "the borderless workplace," a concept which explains how workers work seamlessly with people inside and outside their organization on a continuous basis. And this shift has redefined what a “job” actually is.
  • What this all means is that in today's high performing companies, people now take on "roles" not "jobs." They are responsible for "tasks" and "projects" and not simply "functions."
    "The concept of a job, as we know it, is starting to go away. Over the last year I've been speaking with many corporate business and HR leaders and have heard a common theme: we need our organizations to be more agile. We need to redesign the organization so we can learn faster, communicate better, and respond more rapidly to change. This quest for the agile organization has changed the nature of what we call a job. "
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