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Akona Tingle

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    Rare inspires change so people and nature thrive.
    Conservation ultimately comes down to people - their behaviors toward nature, their beliefs about its value, and their ability to protect it without sacrificing basic life needs. And so, conservationists must become as skilled in social change as in science; as committed to community-based solutions as national and international policymaking.

    Nowhere are community-based solutions needed more than in the world's areas of highest biodiversity - from Latin America and the Caribbean to Africa and India to Asia and the Pacific islands. These areas may be rich in natural resources, but poverty is also high, making social and environmental change a challenge for hundreds of thousands of communities.

    Rare and its partners in 50+ countries throughout these regions are committed to designing conservation programs that benefit both people and nature - ensuring that change is embraced and sustained.

    Learn more about Rare's mission and brand.
    The Rare approach includes:
    1) Determining human behaviors causing threats to biodiversity, such as overfishing, illegal logging, or unsustainable agriculture

    2) Conducting an ongoing search for the most innovative community-based solutions proven to change these behaviors - what Rare calls conservation "bright spots"

    3) Launching social marketing campaigns to increase adoption of these alternative behaviors in the world's highest priority areas for conservation.
    Putting conservation in local hands

    While Rare sources solutions, it does not directly implement outreach at the local level. Changing behaviors requires a nuanced understanding of social and cultural norms and trusted messengers from within each community. Therefore, Rare trains local partners and supports them during all stages of implementing what's known as a "Pride campaign." Learn more about running a Pride campaign in your community.

    A Pride campaign inspires people to take pride in the species

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