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James Myers

James Myers, The Entertainment Critic: Economy on slippery slope - 0 views

    Discussion of how the US Economy has not bottomed out yet.
James Myers

James Myers, The Entertainment Critic: Rush Limbaugh on bipartisanship - 0 views


    On Saturday, February 28, 2009, Mr. Rush Limbaugh gave a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). He has been called the voice of the Republican Party and the heart of the conservative movement, and in my mind he is the apparent savior of the Neoconservative movement that dominated politics in the last 8 years, holding Ronald Regan as a sacred cow.

    The focus of Mr. Limbaugh's speech was for Conservatives to take back the Republican Party and the Nation. Punctuating by jumping up and down, chest thumping, fist pumping, and heart slamming, his talk was about staying the conservative course in the Republican Party and being proud of Obstructionism and non-bipartisan politics. The tone of the speech has been called "mocking, bulling, full of contempt, harsh, unapologetic", and in some instances eerily "sinister." As is his tendency, there was very little substance, and there was a lot more playing to the crowd, attempting to energize the group. Unfortunately, he had very little substantially to say and his angry, insulting, rude and unapologetic message, considering the mess the Bush Administration and the Neocons left the American People with, was in appropriate.
    "We conservatives have not done a good enough job of just laying out basically who we are because we make the mistake of assuming that people know. What they know is largely incorrect, based on the way we're portrayed in pop culture, in the drive-by media, by the Democrat party," the neoconservative talk show host told a mostly-young crowd of energized supporters.
    His basic premise in his speech based on some basic tenants of conservative philosophy, sprinkled with a combative, begrudging tone about the recent political losses the movement had suffered as a result of the Presidential election,
    "We want eve
James Myers

The Entertainment Critic: Olbermann Bush guilty of torture - 0 views

    Special Comment by Keith Olbermann on why prosecuting the Bush Administration for torture is necessary
James Myers

The Entertainment Critic: NYTIMES: IT'S BIDEN - 0 views


    August 24, 2008
    Obama Chooses Biden as Running Mate

    WASHINGTON - Senator Barack Obama has chosen Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware to be his running-mate, turning to a leading authority on foreign policy and a longtime Washington hand to fill out the Democratic ticket, people told of the decision said.

    Mr. Obama's selection ended a two-month search that was conducted almost entirely in secret. It reflected a critical strategic choice by Mr. Obama: To go with a running-mate who could reassure voters about gaps in his resume, rather than to pick someone who could deliver a state or reinforce Mr. Obama's message of change.

    Mr. Biden is the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and is familiar with foreign leaders and diplomats around the world. Although he initially voted to authorize the war in Iraq - Mr. Obama opposed it from the start - Mr. Biden became a persistent critic of President Bush's policies in Iraq.

    The selection was disclosed as Mr. Obama moves into a critical part of his campaign, preparing for the party's four-day convention in Denver starting on Monday. Mr. Obama's aides viewed the introduction of his vice presidential choice- including an afternoon rally Saturday at the old State Capitol in Springfield, Ill., the same place where Mr. Obama announced his candidacy on a freezing winter morning almost two years ago, and a tour of swing states - as the beginning of a week-long stretch in which Mr. Obama hopes to dominate the stage and position himself for the fall campaign.

    Word of Mr. Obama's decision leaked out hours before his campaign was scheduled to inform supporters via text and e-mail messages, and hours after informing two other top contenders for the vice presidential nomination - Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana and Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia - that they had not been chosen.

    As the selection process moved to an end, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, w
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