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Cara Whitehead

Literature Based Word Lists | Articles - 0 views

    Literature-based word lists for all grade levels (kindergarten through high school).
The0d0re Shatagin

Outlines for Conceptual Units - 0 views

    Links to a number of Conceptual Units, especially Literature and media - a number are in IRA's Read Write Think site which also has links to state standards. A work in progress.
Greg Limperis

StoryCove - 4 views

    Story Cove folktales come from a variety of cultures and places. They share timeless values and simple, universal lessons.

    The Story Cove format enables children, families and teachers to explore these stories in a variety of ways. As a result, each child is able to develop a more personal understanding of a story while learning about the world.

    Children will enjoy watching the Movies and exploring the activities and games that are linked to that story.

    Activities are designed for one-on-one, personal play with interactive puzzles, music fun and hidden pictures.

    Lesson Plans extend the story elements to explore the original story with projects and activities that require interaction with adults or other members of the family away from the PC.

    We hope that you and your family have as much fun playing with Story Cove as we did creating it. Comments are always welcome at

    Story Cove is sponsored by August House, Inc. Please visit our Store to purchase high-quality content for kids of all ages or check out our Company Information web site to learn more about us.
Greg Limperis

60second Recap | Learn literature's finest in fun 60-second videos - 5 views

    "Eat your lima beans," Mom used to say.

    And now that you're out on your own, honestly, are lima beans a staple of your culinary repertoire?

    There, in a lima bean, lies the problem confronting the great works of literature. We're all forced to read them in school so we can get good grades so we can go to a good college so we can get a good job so we can forget all about that literature they used to force us to read so we could get good grades.

    60second Recap™ aims to break this cycle of canonical irrelevance. We want to help teens (yes, teens of all ages!) engage with literature. We want to help them see it not as some chore to be endured, but as -- dare we say it? -- the gift of a lifetime. How? Through the language of our time -- the language of video. Video that's focused, engaging, informative ... and short enough to hold just about anyone's attention.

    Smirk if you must. Consider this yet another mile-marker on civilization's road to perdition. But here's the fact: You won't get non-readers to read by forcing them to read more. You'll get them to read by opening their eyes to the marvels awaiting them between the covers of that homework assignment.

    With 60second Recap™, teens finally have an alternative to the boring, text-based study guides that have burdened them for generations. And -- who knows? -- maybe that's just what they'll need to begin a love affair with literature, one that will last a lifetime.

    60second Recap™ wants to make the great works of literature accessible, relevant, and, frankly, irresistible to today's teens. Through 60second Recap™ video albums, we seek to help teens engage with the best books out there ... not just to help them get better grades, but to help them build better lives.
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