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Greg Limperis - 2 views

    "A new way to study

    Study Flash Cards That Sort Themselves Intelligently

    cueFlash is a web based virtual flashcard system that allows
    you to share intelligent decks with your friends. They adapt to you to help you
    learn faster!"
Greg Limperis

Top 25 Web 2.0 Apps to Improve a Student's or Professor's Productivity | OEDb - 2 views

    Being productive and getting things done both rely on planning and being organized. But with the hustle and bustle of courses, it's sometimes easy to forget what you have to do and when. So here are 25 Web 2.0 applications (mostly free) that should help you on your quest as a student or professor in being productive.

    The idea is that these applications will in some way increase productivity and/or reduce time taken for specific tasks. Thus, some companies are more heavily represented because their products are designed for productivity.
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