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Greg Limperis

Free Online Whiteboard and Collaboration Tool - - 0 views

    "Simple, effective online collaboration
    Multi-user whiteboard, live audio,
    image collaboration, text-chat and more"
Greg Limperis

Sketchcast - A new way to express yourself - - 2 views

    "Record a sketch with or without voice.
    Explain something, have
    fun, or create art"
    Then embed the sketch player in your blog or point people to your sketch channel.
Greg Limperis

Palbee - Free web video conference, meetings & video chat rooms - 1 views

    Palbee is a free online service which allows you to set up easy video meetings with your friends and colleagues.
    You can also use Palbee to record your own presentations and store them online.
Greg Limperis

Collaborative writing software online with Writeboard. Write, share, revise, compare. - 3 views

    Writeboard makes it easy to...
    Write without fear of losing or overwriting a good idea
    Compare different versions of a document
    Collaborate with colleagues on copy, proposals, memos, etc.
    Subscribe to documents via RSS and be notified of changes
    Keep your writings organized with Backpack integration

    Writeboard is perfect for...
    Authors, journalists, PR folks, editors, and publishers
    Bloggers or freelance/independent writers
    Letter writers, songwriters, poets, comedians, creatives
    Students, professors, and groups collaborating on a paper

    ...and plenty more! Writeboard is great for personal and business use (check out some example uses). Read more about Writeboard below or create a free writeboard at left.
Greg Limperis - Online Whiteboard Collaboration - 2 views

    Do you have an idea, a problem or just a cool picture that you quickly want to show a friend?

    CoSketch is a multi-user online whiteboard designed to give you the ability to quickly visualize and share your ideas as images.

    Simple sharing
    * Anything you paint will show up for all other users in the room in real time.
    * One click to save a sketch as an image for embedding on forums, blogs, etc.

    Zero hassle
    * Runs in all common browsers without plugins or installation.
    * Free and without registration.

    Now with Google Maps support!
    * Use google maps as the background for your sketches to show directions or share trips.

Greg Limperis

Dabbleboard - Online whiteboard for drawing & team collaboration - Interactive whiteboa... - 1 views

    Dabbleboard is an online collaboration application that's centered around the whiteboard. With a new type of drawing interface that's actually easy and fun to use, Dabbleboard gets out of your way and just lets you draw. Finally the whiteboard enters the digital age!
Greg Limperis

FlockDraw - A Free, Collaborative group whiteboard - 5 views

    Paint a simple masterpiece. Make a point visually.
    Do whatever you want. Do it together.
    Grab a tool. Pick a color. Draw something.
    Show a friend. Show the world.
    Share your vision.
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