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The0d0re Shatagin - 0 views

    Short Description and Review of Kubbu an online quiz and puzzlemaker. Free Version - Teacher creates up to 30 Student accounts - no need for email.
Greg Limperis

MapSkip - Places Have Stories! - 5 views

    "MapSkip makes the world a canvas for our stories and photos.

    It is an ancient human instinct to share our life stories with others, as the
    paintings and hand prints in stone-age caves show.

    And many of our stories are about places. Where we fell in love, had the
    dream vacation, took that great picture or, well, joined the rebellion. And then
    there are the many other places that anchor our lives - where we live, eat, work
    and have fun.

    Join the MapSkip community in exploring the world through shared stories and
    pictures about all the places in our lives.

    To make this message disappear, just
    log in
    . Creating a
    free account
    takes only a minute
    and allows you to access all the features of MapSkip."
Greg Limperis

Photosynth - Capture your world in 3D. - 1 views

    "Use your camera to stitch the world.

    See the amazing 3D results for:












    Browse the best Photosynths uploaded in the
    7 days
    , or of

    You can also explore the world of Photosynth on
    Bing Maps."
Greg Limperis

Gaggle - Safe Online Learning Tools - 5 views

    Gaggle has been providing safe online learning tools for the K-12 market since 1998. Our focus is and always has been on student safety, so educators can have the confidence to allow learners to take advantage of current technological tools for communication, collaboration, and productivity.
    The Gaggle Story
    Company Overview
    Our People
    Press Releases & Awards
    The Gaggle Story
    As an entrepreneur in the field of technology and education, Jeff Patterson, Gaggle's founder, felt strongly that email was a powerful tool for staying connected with friends and colleagues, and played an integral role in the success of businesses he was involved in. He wanted to bring that power of communication to schools to engage and motivate students. He knew that student safety was a primary concern for schools in allowing use of email, so in 1998, he created a system that filters messages, and allows global to granular control and access for teachers and administrators.

    Jeff is frequently asked why he chose the name "Gaggle." As you may know, gaggle is the name for a large group of geese. According to Jeff, "Our goal was to give teachers an easy way to watch over their gaggle of students, hence the name Gaggle."

    Since the inception of Gaggle as a student email provider, the company has grown significantly and is now so much more than email. We are continually adding popular features for communication and collaboration, all within our safe, filtered, and controlled environment. Gaggle's collection of tools has grown to include Digital Lockers, Message Boards, Chat Rooms, Blogs, Profile Pages, Homework Drop Boxes, Calendars, a Social Wall, GaggleTube, Zoho Docs, and filtered texting.

    Jeff's vision of student-centric schools using cutting-edge technology to inspire creativity and ingenuity in today's students remains the driving force in Gaggle's continuing story.

    Company Overview
    We recognize that our country is in a turbulent time and has a great need
Greg Limperis

Slideshow Maker, Free Online Slideshows, Edit Photos - 1 views

    Create beautiful slideshows
    With music and many effects
    Insert them into your blog or website
    Burn slideshows to DVD
    Edit your pictures easily
    Store and organize all your photos online
    Share your creations with your loved ones!
Greg Limperis

Noteflight - Online Music Notation - 2 views

    Noteflight® is an online music writing application that lets you create, view, print and hear music notation with professional quality, right in your web browser. Work on a score from any computer on the Internet, share it with other users, and embed it in your own pages. Sign up for a free account, or purchase a subscription to Noteflight Crescendo to take your creativity to the next level.
Greg Limperis

Timetoast Timelines | Create timelines, share them on the web. - 4 views

    Timetoast allows people to create interactive timelines, which they can share anywhere on the web. Anyone can join Timetoast and start creating and sharing their own timelines, all they need is a valid email address. It's completely free!
Greg Limperis

Schoology | Learn. Together. - 3 views

    Schoology provides an enterprise level learning management system and configurable social network. Instructors and students can easily create, share, and manage academic material through a social networking interface.

    By incorporating learning management tools into a social environment, Schoology provides a means for teachers, students, parents, and administrators to seamlessly communicate and collaborate on academic issues.
Greg Limperis - 4 views

    crowdSPRING is a little company with big dreams based in Chicago - one of the greatest cities in the world. Founded by Ross Kimbarovsky and Mike Samson, crowdSPRING was started to help people from around the world access creative talent, and to help creatives from across the globe find new customers.

    With backgrounds in both the creative industry and law, crowdSPRING is a labor of love for a team that believes strongly in the creative process and the protection of intellectual property. We left no stone unturned - from free, binding legal contract generation for every transaction and advanced digital watermarking to a built-in, secure escrow service and a feedback rating system - we tried to make a safe environment for both Buyers and Creatives alike.

    By helping Buyers reach countless creatives across the globe, we're changing the game for the little guy. Now small businesses, one-man shops and individuals anywhere can tap into a global pool of creatives. In fact, we're so convinced that global talent pool will give your project new ideas, different perspectives and a far better final product - we guarantee it.

    And, by helping creatives reach a new, global market for their creativity, we hope to challenge the current thinking on where great ideas come from. The truth is that a great idea can come from anyone, anywhere - whether they're a janitor by day and a designer by night or a stay-at-home mom who doesn't have the time to run her own web studio. crowdSPRING makes geography and title irrelevant and, thereby, opens new markets for creativity all the world over.
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