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Paul Wood

Is the Microsoft-Intel marriage finally over? - tablets, tablet PCs, processors, pc com... - 0 views

  • At the Sandy Bridge press conference, the words "Microsoft" and "Windows" were scarcely heard
  • can't remember the last time anyone from Intel had to be prompted to endorse its partner in Wintel crimes.
  • Microsoft, of course, chose CES as the venue to introduce the first version of Windows to run on a processor based not on the Intel architecture but rather on ARM-based system-on-a-chips manufactured by TI, Qualcomm, and Nvidia. Yes, Intel was also mentioned, but it clearly got second billing. That's also new.
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  • This semi-split has been brewing for some time. I recall a meeting back in the last century arranged by two Intel engineers with no media relations person in tow. That in itself was exceedingly odd, but it got stranger. Their apparent purpose: to demonstrate the lengths to which algorithms built into Intel's Pentium chips had compensated for the completely cockeyed way Windows loaded itself each time at startup. The implicit message: See what we have to put up with?
  • The once mighty Wintel cartel has been good in many ways for the PC industry. Like industrious worker bees on amphetamines, Intel's engineers pushed Moore's law to the max, cranking out generation after generation of processors, each smaller and more powerful than the last. Microsoft obliged by churning out new operating systems, each more bloated and resource intensive than the last
  • -- if rumors hold true -- HP will introduce a Palm OS-based tablet later this month, a little more than a year after Ballmer demonstrated a Windows-powered HP slate at, yes, CES
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