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QR Codes in the Classroom: Cool Idea or Not? - PrometheanPlanet - 4 views

    Ideas about using QR codes in the classroom - how they might be incorporated into lessons and educational activities.
Andres Santiago

GCSE Spanish Teacher's Questionnaire - 1 views

If you teach GCSE Spanish (please abstain if not Spanish), would you consider filling up this questionnaire on educational technology for my MA Dissertation. Muchas gracias: http://www.kwiksurveys....

languages education teaching GCSE Spanish

started by Andres Santiago on 18 May 11 no follow-up yet

What is eType? | - 0 views

  • Who
    Wanna type faster and with more confidence? Who doesn’t? eType is for you!
  • When
    eType recently launched its beta and wants you to be a part of it! Click here and join eTypes beta now! eTypes beta will be released to the public July 2010 with six available languages and will support virtually any language in the world by the end of the year.
  • Where
    eType works in full integration with almost every program, browser and Web site, including Microsoft Word, Outlook, Gmail, ICQ, Windows Messenger, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to name a few. For a complete list of compatible programs and sites, click here.
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  • Why
    eType offers you translations to words in your native language so you can be sure you are choosing the right word at the right time. eType serves not only as a dictionary for individuals to utilize, but as a dictionary for everybody who uses eType to benefit from. Contributions are gathered from global users all over the world and are centralized in one common dictionary.
  • How
    eType supplies you with high probability word suggestions while you type to help you choose the word you are most likely looking for while providing you with translations in dozens of languages. eType allows you to focus on expressing your ideas in the best manner possible without having to open additional applications or software. You may make automatic contributions to the eType dictionary without ever having to stray away from your writing.
    eType is your online multi-language dictionary with translations and word substitutes to virtually any language in the world. eType is your writing guide that auto-completes your words as you type them, enabling you to type faster and boost your level of confidence in your writing. eType prevents you from making spelling mistakes before they happen and helps you select the best word choice possible - even if you are not writing in your native language.
The dexway method

dexway - the online language learning method that's pedogogially perfect. - 0 views

    Dexway provides the market's most complete language learning technology, featuring loads of interactivity, professor for tutelage via virtual classes, continuous monitoring of student performance and speech recognition technology for the evaluation of pronunciation
Brett Fyfield

eLearn: Feature Article - 0 views

    Stephen Downes from the National Research Council of Canada writes about the current state of e-learning and how the n-gen (digital natives) are demanding new approaches to learning. Stephen looks towards future trends and new approaches to learning from
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