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Kenyan Teachers demand Education Spending Increase | Teacher Solidarity - 0 views

    Teachers in Kenya are demanding that the government increase spending on education

    The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) has given the government 2 weeks to enter talks on overdue allowances to cover housing, commuting and health as well as extra allowances for teachers working in the most difficult areas. These were all promised at the end of a dispute in 1997. They are also demanding increases for heads. senior teachers and special needs teachers and the employment of early years teachers. The union says that if Kenya is to have good guality education for all, the government needs to invest $4.78 billion.
Teachers Without Borders

Jobs galore for Kenyan teachers as Rwanda seeks tutors  - News |theeastafrica... - 0 views

    Rwanda is planning to hire at least 4,000 teachers from the East African Community this month, opening an employment window for thousands of unemployed teachers in the region.

    The move is part of plans to scale up the use of English as the language of instruction in schools as well as increase its use in the largely French-speaking economy, as it seeks opportunities in the integrated EAC where English is the formal language of communication.
Teachers Without Borders

Kenya Teacher Strike Paralyzes Schools - - 0 views

    Classrooms have remained shut for more than 10 million students as about 200,000 members of the Kenya National Union of Teachers stayed away.

       The union says it wants 28,000 new teachers hired on a permanent basis to cope with a surge in students
Teachers Without Borders Kenya: Teachers Strike Shuts Down Public Schools - 1 views

  • Many schools across the country were on Tuesday shut down by a teachers' strike called to pressure the government to recruit an additional 28,000 teachers.

    The strike does not affect private schools. In Nairobi, the Kenya National Union of Teachers said the strike would continue until their demands are met.

Teachers Without Borders

Daily Nation: - News |Teachers' 20pc raise closes three-year deal - 0 views

  • It brings the salary of the lowest paid teacher in public schools to Sh13,700 a month while the highest paid teacher will get Sh120,270 minus allowances.

    But some teachers said the pay increase was far below the rise in cost of living.

  • Mary Rasul of Mama Ngina Girls Secondary in Mombasa, said she would only believe they would get a pay rise when she sees the money.

    “This can be mere public relations. Let’s wait and see if it will be reflected in our payslips,” she said.

Teachers Without Borders Kenya: Narok Teachers Blamed for Poor Performance - 0 views

    Speaking at Narok Model Primary School during the District Education Day, Oyaya said teachers also create a bad environment for learners. He said this has made many students dislike some subjects, something that has impacted negatively on education standards in the district.
Teachers Without Borders Kenya: Teachers Blamed for Poor Maths Results - 0 views

    Students perform poorly in math and science subjects because teachers are incompetent, the National Council for Science and Technology has said. The council said most graduates from tertiary institutions are half-baked. "I have visited more than 40 public schools and institutions across the country and I can tell you for sure some of the math and science teachers are just incompetent," said NCST boss Prof Shaukat Abdulrazak.
Teachers Without Borders Kenya: Hire Teachers Or Face Strike, Knut Tells State - 0 views

    Union boss David Osiany said despite setting a target to employ 28,000 teachers by 2012, the government decided not to allocate money in this year's estimates. "It is obvious the government has overlooked the current teachers deficit that is now taking its toll on the quality of education and we cannot just sit and watch as education standards are compromised," Osiany said.
Teachers Without Borders

Daily Nation: - News |Ministry to hire 20,000 nursery teachers - 0 views

    About 20,000 nursery school teachers will be employed this year.

    This means the government may end up recruiting 40,000 teachers this year since 20,000 others are already scheduled for employment in both primary and secondary schools.

    "A teacher or two will be recruited for each early childhood education centre affiliated to a public primary school in the country," Prof Ongeri said on Wednesday.
Teachers Without Borders

The Standard | Online Edition :: Government revising school syllabus - 0 views

  • Nzomo was speaking Saturday at KIE when she received Millennium Development Goals Ambassador Awards by teachers without borders.
Teachers Without Borders

Kenya: Teacher shortage to be recognised a national disaster - 1 views

  • the Kenyan National Union of Teachers (KNUT), urged “the government to declare the shortage of teachers a national disaster,” reported the national newspaper Daily Nation.
  • “It is a serious disaster and parents and people of goodwill should join us in this mother of all strikes, he added. We cannot accept to have schools where 3.4 million children are receiving a half-baked education.”
  • Kenya has not increased its teacher stock since 1999 [...] Kenya has merely been replacing teachers lost due to attrition. As a result the country has 40,000 trained teachers roaming the streets.”
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