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Allison Burrell

Swap4Schools: Donate Books, CDs, DVDs, Media to Classrooms and Schools at - 0 views

    Haves and Wants. That's what swapping is all about. Schools don't just have "wants," they have needs. During these difficult economic times, school budgets have been cut, libraries are out of date, and teachers usually have to resort to buying their own classroom books and other resources. has over one million members that have listed over 2.5 million items they have to swap. Our community is based on sharing; swapping stuff people have for stuff people want. Swap4Schools is an initiative designed to match swappers' Haves with schools' Wants. It's that simple.

    If you are a school employee, create a free account, build your want list and donations of books, movies, etc will come to directly to your school. If you are a swapper, there is no better feeling than knowing your unused item will help educate kids across the country.
Anthony Beal

Welsh Information Literacy Project - 0 views

    Draft Information Literacy Framework for Wales was published on 16th March 2011 as part of the Welsh Information Literacy project. "The SCONUL model will provide a core structure for this framework by categorizing information literacy learning objectives at each educational level." Welsh Information Literacy Project (2011).
Fran Bullington

ZXing Decoder Online - 2 views

    Online QR Code reader. Enter url of QR code or upload a file, and be given the URL. No direct ink - you need to copy and paste to go to the site, but if you don't have a smartphone or webcam and are looking at a QR code online, it is an option.
Jamin Henley

School students, information retrieval and transfer - 0 views

    This study sought to examine the views of students, teachers and teacher librarians on students‟ attitudes to, use of, and reflections on, information retrieval, when completing curricular assignments.
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