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Catherine Morton

A revised manifesto - @joycevalenza NeverEndingSearch - 0 views

    "In the past few years many of us have re-imagined school library for learners using the array of new tools and abilities in front of us today. And in my humble opinion some aspects of emerging practice are nonnegotiable."
Carla Shinn

Top 10 Ways to Use Technology to Promote Reading - 49 views

    Let me be right up front about this: I am primarily sharing the good ideas of other far smarter people that I could ever pretend to be. Some primary sources for this list include: ■Beaman, Anita and Amy Obert. Reading 2.0 website ■Ludwig, Sarah "Going Beyond the BookTalk: Breathing New Life Into Book Programming with Technology" ■Valenza, Joyce. Reading 2.0 slide show I only steal from the best. So here we go. Johnson's Top Ten...
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