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beth gourley

ThinkeringSpace Library Study - 0 views

  • sought to understand representative libraries within the Chicago
  • The first, More Than Books, reveals the wide range of library offerings, indicating that they are much more than warehouses of books or media
  • The second, Constant Change, describes the continued efforts that have been made by the library to meet patrons' expectations and keep up with technology.
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  • The third, Underused Expertise, identifies the broad expert skills of librarians, and the low use of this public resource.
  • The fourth, Life-long Relevance, highlights the lack of continued interaction of patrons with the library through their different life phases
  • The fifth, Community Outreach, describes the movement of the library in two opposite directions, towards both masses and niches
  • The sixth, Sanctioned Initiatives, addresses the impact of high-level initiatives, such as the Early Literacy Program
    This is one component of the webpage Thinkering Space the focuses on library observations that will inform design criteria for Thinkering Space
Jamie Camp

Summer Reading for primary students - 0 views

    Embed on the web site. Nice.
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