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Joyce Valenza

Learning Tools Family Feud (video) - 21 views

    The most fun any of us ever had presenting a workshop!
Jamie Camp

Copy of EdubloggerCon ISTE 2011 Web 2.0 Smackdown - Google Docs - 0 views

    These are many of the links that were tweeted during EBC11 on June 25, 2011. Amazing collective brain!
Javier Mejia Torrenegra

Crece el interés por las redes sociales de lectores - 1 views

    Los lectores empiezan a tener cada vez más presencia en las redes sociales especializadas para la lectura. Ya existen multitud de plataformas en todo el mundo como Library Thing, Goodreads, Spinebreakers o aquí la recién llegada Entrelectores. Se está demostrando cómo este tipo de redes pueden ayudar a incrementar la visibilidad de un libro.
Dennis OConnor

Free Library 2.011 Worldwide Virtual Conference Nov 2-4 « Educational Technology and Change Journal - 16 views

  • The Library 2.011 Worldwide Virtual Conference, November 2 – 4, 2011, is a unique chance to participate in a global conversation on the current and future state of libraries. Subject strands include the changing roles of libraries and librarians, the increasing impact of digital media and the e-book revolution, open educational resources, digital literacy, shifts from information consumption to production (Web 2.0), multimedia and gaming spaces, libraries as community centers, the growth of individualized and self-paced learning, the library as the center of new learning models, understanding users in the digital age, assessing service delivery, and defining leadership and information professional careers in a networked and changing world.
Erica Trowbridge

StorytellingResources - 0 views

    Digital Storytelling online resources...a list of websites and ideas to get you started.

Only2Clicks - 0 views

    Tons of Web 2.0 resources for school librarians.
Cathy Oxley

'Collected' Online Magazine - SLANZA - 38 views

    Cathy, thanks for bookmarking this. The SLANZ journal is great reading and the issuu format is very cool. The articles on 'Content Curation' are all interesting to me, esp Judy Connell's. I'm not sure that content curation is the new black, rather a rebranding of what librarians and TLs have traditionally done. A paper based 'pathfinder' may seem anachronistic but they still have a place as tool to conmunicate / market/ educate. Of course, I also support Judy's position on the opportunity to for Web 2.0., apps and a range of digitals tools to curate content to communicate / market/ educate our students in developing 21st century skills. I'm not sure that 'content curation' the new black but it most definitely has synergy!
Carla Shinn

Beyond the Book: Infographics of Students' Reading History - 19 views

    "Recently, I've also been fascinated by the way the human mind interprets visual symbols. From doodling to reading and writing text, the brain is wired with a proclivity for visual sensory ability. In order to help students harness this power, we have been trying our hand at visual notes and sketchnoting in class. Then I decided to try some lessons with infographics."
    Here's Joyce Valenza's take on the idea, with suggestions for collaboration with teachers and some other web 2.0 tools:
Carla Shinn

So-Called "Digital Natives" Not Media Savvy, New Study Shows - 29 views

    "In Google we trust." That may very well be the motto of today's young online users, a demographic group often dubbed the "digital natives" due their apparent tech-savvy. Having been born into a world where personal computers were not a revolution, but merely existed alongside air conditioning, microwaves and other appliances, there has been (a perhaps misguided) perception that the young are more digitally in-tune with the ways of the Web than others.
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