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Glenda Morris

SLAV Wee Project - 19 views

    Web Elements Engaged is a joint project of the School Library Association of Victoria and ITmadeSimple. 'Students of today should be creators of ideas, not consumers of information'. Based on this premise, the project, Web Elements Engaged has challenged ten school teams, consisting of a teacher-librarian, a teacher and 15 - 20 students, from Year 3 to Year 10 across Victoria.
Katy Vance

Bibliotech: 6 concerns about trends in digital collection development - 1 views

  • Librarians feel compelled to acquire eContent from only one distributor because it is too confusing – for them, for students, for Librarianss, for business managers - to purchase eContent from a variety of distributors, thus materials selection is driven by who they buy from, not what a
  • igns with the curriculum. This is a classic example of the tail wagging the dog.
  • It is our job to develop our collections, aligning them with our school/district’s curriculum – not to buy ready-made packages from vendors.  It is our job to create, instructional materials, and to determine how to best assess our students’ learning.  This requires granular knowledge of our patron base, our curricula, and our collections. You can't fake this. It takes a long time to build that knowledge base. If we relinquish these responsibilities to commercial interests, we literally sell out our own profession.
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  • eContent requires meticulous, patron-aware (rather than traditional) cataloging.  It is virtually (no pun intended) impossible to “display” eContent. There is no way to physically put it in the hands of students, if students are using their own technology. This is not happening for a few reasons: Since vendors and library management systems have made it possible to import MARC records, librarians, as a whole, have been falling out of the cataloging practice. Cataloging is time consuming, and tedious work. Cataloging, as we learned it, doesn’t work for our students. We have to reinvent it. For example, at New Canaan High School, we add the project name as a subject heading to each title in the eCollection that supports it. 
  • In BYOD programs, library programs should be undergoing significant instructional transformations that evolve as students’ facility with mobile technology increases. The ratio of print to digital content should be contingent upon students’ ability to access eContent. Developing a system to calculate this would help school librarians make sound decisions about format choices."
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