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Robin Cicchetti

Erasing Individual's Digital Past - - 31 views

    Online reputation managers - a new job in the digital age. For a hefty fee they can be hired to clean up your digital footprint. The toughest fix is photos on Google images. Nobody seems to be able to remove images. Useful article for lessons and cautionary tales about your digital footprint.
Katie Silva

Thinking about Digital Footprints | - 0 views

    Clear and simple explanation reat for younger students. I like the idea of a 'digital tattoo'.
Robin Cicchetti

It's official: Google wants to own your online identity - Tech News and Analysis - 7 views

    • Robin Cicchetti
      Users forfeit the ownership of their user data to Google.
  • Google’s purpose was clearly to “provide identity in a commerce-ready way. And to give them information about what you do on the Internet, without obfuscation of pseudonyms.
  • obvious search-related rationale for launching a social network like Google+, since indexing and mining that kind of activity can help the company provide better “social search” results. But the real-name issue has more to do with Google’s other business: namely, advertising.
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  • The growth of Google+ provides a reason for people to create Google profiles, and that data — along with their activity on the network and through +1 buttons — goes into the vast Google cyberplex where it can be crunched and indexed and codified in a hundred different ways
  • excludes potentially valuable viewpoints that might be expressed by political dissidents and others who prefer to remain anonymous. In effect, Schmidt said Google isn’t interested in changing its policies to accommodate those kinds of users: if people want to remain anonymous, he said, then they shouldn’t use Google+.
  • the reason Google needs users with real names is that the company sees Google+ as the core of an identity platform it is building that can be used for other things:
  • n identity service, so fundamentally, it depends on people using their real names if they’re going to build future products that leverage that information
Donna Baumbach

Digital Tattoo - 35 views

    A great site that encourages students to think about their digital footprint. (Thanks to Dr. Joanne DeGroot, University of Alberta for the link!) 
Cathy Oxley

Reputation bankruptcy :: The Future of the Internet - And How to Stop It - 11 views

    "Google CEO Eric Schmidt created buzz (and some shock and criticism) when he suggested in a recent Wall Street Journal interview that, in the not too distant future, "every young person…will be entitled automatically to change his or her name on reaching adulthood in order to disown youthful hijinks stored on their friends' social media sites.""
Dawne Reed

Scope and Sequence | Common Sense Media - 28 views

    'You can download a PDF of the Scope & Sequence (en español). Check out these other links: Curriculum Overview (en español) Student Assessment Standards Alignment Charts Order Materials on a Flash Drive Click a topic to highlight the appropriate lessons. Click it again to turn the highlight off. Internet Safety Privacy & Security Relationships & Communication Cyberbullying Privacy& Reputation Self-image & Identity Information Literacy Creative Credit & Copyright .'
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