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  • Blooms Domains of learning. Made with C-Map
  • Collaboration is not a 21st Century Skill, it is a 21st Century Essential.
  • Bloom's Digital Taxonomy isn't about the tools or technologies rather it is about using these to facilitate learning
  • ...42 more annotations...
  • ... communication skills. Marshalling and understanding the available evidence isn't useful unless you can effectively communicate your conclusions.”
  • In a recent blog post from the official google blog, Google identified the following as key traits or abilities in 21st Century Employees:
    • Cindy Galpin
      Digital taxonoy rocks
  • Anderson and Krathwohl's taxonomy – Remembering 1. Remembering: Retrieving, recalling or recognising knowledge from memory. Remembering is when memory is used to produce definitions, facts or lists, or recite or retrieve material.
  • Learning to know Learning to do Learning to live together Learning to be
  • The digital additions and their justifications are as follows:
  • Advanced and Boolean Searching
  • Bullet pointing
  • Highlightin
  • Bookmarking or favouriting
  • Social networkin
  • Social bookmarking
  • Searching or “googling
  • Understanding: Constructing meaning from different types of function be they written or graphic. The digital additions and their justifications are as follows
  • “... team players. Virtually every project at Google is run by a small team. People need to work well together and perform up to the team's expectations. ”
  • Blog Journallin
  • Categorising & Taggin
  • ommenting and annotating
  • Subscribin
  • Applying: Carrying out or using a procedure through executing or implementing. Applying related and refers to situations where learned material is used through products like models, presentation, interviews and simulations. The digital additions and their justifications are as follows:
  • Running and operating
  • Playin
  • Uploading and Sharin
  • Hacking
  • Editing
  • Analysing: Breaking material or concepts into parts, determining how the parts relate or interrelate to one another or to an overall structure or purpose. Mental actions include differentiating, organizing and attributing as well as being able to distinguish between components. The digital additions and their justifications are as follows:
  • Mashing
  • Linking
  • Reverse-engineering
  • Cracking
  • .Evaluating: Making judgements based on criteria and standards through checking and critiquing.. The digital additions and their justifications are as follows:
  • Blog/vlog commenting and reflecting
  • Posting
  • Moderating
  • Collaborating and networking
  • Validating
  • Testing (Alpha and Beta)
  • Creating: Putting the elements together to form a coherent or functional whole; reorganising elements into a new pattern or structure through generating, planning or producing. The digital additions and their justifications are as follows:
  • Programming
  • Filming, animating, videocasting, podcasting, mixing and remixing
  • Directing and producing
  • Publishing
    education bloom's taxomony
    Bloom's Digital Taxonomy; 21st Century Learning and digital connections
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