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Judy O'Connell

SCIS | Teacher librarians as cultural change agents - 13 views

    "Teacher librarians are involved in the process of change whether they are implementing a program for the first time, making changes to an established program, or participating in some aspect of ongoing school improvement" (Oberg, 1990). The very essence of the work of teacher librarians - improving teaching and learning - requires that they work within the culture of the school and that they also work to change the culture of the school.
Anne Weaver

Student Induction, Libraries, Prezi, and Interactive Maps « thewikiman - 33 views

    All new students go through quite a lengthy induction process in the first three weeks at the University. The library is slotted into that - how much time we get with the students varies between departments - and so it's a good opportunity for us to make contact, promote our services, and try and embed ourselves in the academic culture, but also tricky because the students are overloaded with information as it is. I wanted to give each of my departments an interactive map with all the library info relevant to them specifically - the idea being that it's easier to navigate an actual map of the library than it is to just search for stuff on the library website. Because each department would have a bespoke map it would mean the students had all the info they needed in one place, and because I created the maps in Prezi they could also be used as a presentation tool (as well as a stand-alone web object, later; I give students the URL of the Prezi itself and tell them not to worry about writing down any of the other URLs it contains).
Judy O'Connell

School Library Monthly Blog » Blog Archive » Are you an embedded librarian? - 20 views

    "It's something to consider as we continue to look for ways to share our knowledge in what is increasingly a classroom-centered ecosystem with classroom-accessed digital resources. It's also a kind of power shift … not a loss of power, but a different kind of power. There's something about being in the teacher's own classroom that puts you right where the learning is without the learning being disrupted by moving to a lab or library. And that's powerful."
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