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Allison Burrell

NCTE Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Nonfiction for Children - 17 views

    "The world of children's literature contains a variety of genres, all of which have appeal to the diverse interests of children as well as potential for classroom teaching. In recent years, however, nonfiction or information books have emerged as a very a

A School With No Teachers, Where Students Teach Themselves | MindShift - 11 views

    " new computer school in Paris has been overwhelmed by some 60,000 applicants. The school, called 42, was founded by a telecom magnate who says the French education system is failing young people. His aim is to reduce France's shortage in computer programmers while giving those who've fallen by the wayside a new chance."
Jamin Henley

Teaching Students to Fail Their Way to Success » Online Universities - 11 views

    "Failure has been a trending topic on Education Unbound recently, particularly in regards to the disconnect between educational objectives and game-based learning (GBL). The basic problem is that games depend on players failing multiple times as the primary means of learning how to overcome obstacles. Education, in contrast, is predicated on the notion that failure is bad - for the student, the teacher, and the system as a whole."
Jennifer Garcia

5 Awesome Examples of how Students Can Use iBooks Author for Learning - 14 views

    Different ideas for using apple's free iBooks Author
Anthony Beal

Developing students' digital literacy to give them the best chance of success : JISC - 54 views

    Many learners enter further and higher education lacking the skills needed to apply digital technologies to education. As 90% of new jobs will require excellent digital skills, improving digital literacy is an essential component of developing employable graduates.
Marco Gustafsson

The Most Thankful Readers of eBooks are Aged and Impulsive - 0 views

    A writer of crime fiction, librarian with many years experience, blogger, observer, reading fun and expert in the digital publishing market Barbara Fister tells to about the last trends and the most critical issues related with digital reading.
Hilda Gómez

The Khan Academy - 18 views

    Khan Academy is on a mission to provide a free world-class education to anyone anywhere. With over 2,600 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and 200 practice exercises, we're helping students learn whatever they want, whenever they want, at their own pace.
Anthony Beal

STUDYBLUE | Make online flashcards & notes. Study anywhere, anytime. - 28 views

    Students quoted as using this to create flashcards to review on phone in University of Washington report:
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