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Quinton Maydaniuk

How Putin and his ex-KGB pals took over Russia's economy. - Sep. 9, 2008 - 1 views

  • $1.3 trillion econom
  • found gathered at a lakeshore deep in the forest, trying to relax amid the upheaval of the new Russia.
  • Vladimir Putin, then head of external relations for the St. Petersburg mayor, was a member of the group.
  • ...22 more annotations...
  • Vladimir Yakunin, who had revived a bank started by the Communist Party
  • how much they disliked the unfolding chaos of Boris Yeltsin's Russia.
  • 5 years later, many of these same men (and some of their closest friends) now run the country
  • Putin became President in 2000, thanks to President Yeltsin's unexpected resignation
  • ake group have risen to the hig
  • hest levels in Russian business and politics
  • tate-owned oil company
  • Railways.
  • largest company
  • While Putin, 55, stepped into the No. 2 role of Prime Minister, no one doubts that he has extended his regime.
  • swiftly to reassert the government's control over key sectors of the Russian economy,
  • flashy entrepreneurs who grew fabulously wealthy when Yeltsin liberalized the Russian economy
  • taken back an estimated $100 billion in assets held by private hands in the 1990s
  • Almost to a man, they served in the Soviet-era KGB
  • Among the top Russian bureaucrats and business leaders, more than one-quarter have their roots in the so-called power ministries of the government, of which the old KGB
  • started getting nervous.
  • Stories of Russian power plays have grown too numerous to dismiss
  • business leaders thrown in jail on bogus charges
  • ssets taken by dubious lawsuits,
  • partnerships with Russian companies suddenly turning into struggles over control
  • the invasion of Georgia
  • concerns have sent the Russian stock market plunging more than 30% since May
Jeff Anderson

Moscow protest: opposition call for civil rights campaign against Vladimir Putin after ... - 1 views

  • 15,000 to 20,000 people gathered on Saturday for the peaceful demonstration
  • These were not free and fair elections,
  • a special operation to crown the mobster who wanted to return to the Kremlin."
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  • "The worst thing would be for us to become demoralised, to think that we have been defeated,"
  • But we know that Putin lost in Moscow
Jeff Anderson

Domestic policy - Russia - tax, issues, system, infrastructure - 1 views

  • Putin's administration has kept its promise of tax reform
  • tax system comparable to that of other advanced, market economies
  • relief to a great number of citizens.
  • ...18 more annotations...
  • As well, the tax on corporate profits was dropped from 35% to 24%
  • nd payroll taxes were cut by 4%.
  • reforming the three big natural monopolies: the railroad system, the gas utility Gazprom, and the national electric utility Unified Energy Systems.
  • opening access to them on an equal basis to competitors
  • judicial and other legal reforms one of his top priorities
  • Putin
  • proposed legislative changes to the Duma
  • humanitarian and economic costs and unintended consequences of the Chechnya conflict,
  • Civilian and military casualties
  • higher than in the 1994–1996
  • 80,000–100,000 died
  • rival the us $12–15 billion estimated for the earlier conflict
  • Chechen separatist rebels seized a theater in Moscow and held some 800 people hostage.
  • raid on the theater, using a powerful opiate to incapacitate the rebels
  • 117 hostages and 50 captors died in the rescue operation
  • unprecedented success
  • Putin proclaimed
  • effectiveness of the action due to the number of hostages who were killed.
    Effects of Putin's administration
Jeff Anderson

The People vs. Vladimir Putin | Foreign Affairs - 1 views

  • The organizers of Russia’s opposition protests had hoped to organize a human chain that would stretch across the entire ring, which at an average width of a foot and a half per person, they estimated would take 34,000 people.
  • “We wanted to be with all these people,”
  • crowd around us was buoyant and cheerful;
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • “They can’t decide for us,” he said, referring to Putin and his allies in the Kremlin. “We’re here to show that we can decide for ourselves.”
  • “We want to say that we exist, we’re also here,”
  • “After all, we’re not a small group,”
  • ountry has undergone a profound economic and social transformation
  • creation of a true Russian middle class
  • more equitable system than the one over which Putin presides.
  • “normal” or “civilized” system
Jeff Anderson

Putin seeking a 'stronger military' - The Irish Times - Mon, Feb 20, 2012 - 1 views

  • said the country needs a stronger military to protect it against foreign attempts to stoke conflict around its borders
  • Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin
  • more than €500 billion over a decade to modernise the armed force
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • "There are attempts to provoke such conflicts in the immediate vicinity of the borders of Russia and our allies,"
  • Russia's once-mighty armed forces underwent a decade of spending cuts after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991
  • The military now has about one million personnel.
  • spend state cash to improve military technology,
    Putin 2012?
    If elected he wants to strengthen the Federation's military
    Obviously this frightens the West
Jeff Anderson

Anna Politkovskaya News - The New York Times - 1 views

  • Anna Politkovskaya
  • was murdered in 2006
  • shrinking freedom allowed dissenters in Russian society
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • Moscow's war in Chechnya
  • On Oct. 7, 2006, she was found dead in her apartment building with a Makarov 9-millimeter pistol dropped at her side
  • Mr. Putin, the Russian prime minister who was then president, kept silent for three days.
  • the level of her influence on political life in Russia was utterly insignificant."
  • Investigators and colleagues concluded that someone had ordered her death to silence her
  • But authorities say the murder was ordered from abroad by enemies of the present governm
  • Of the 10 men originally arrested in the killing, three were charged with murder: Ibragim and Dzhabrail Makhmudov and Sergei Khadzhikurbanov, a former police investigator.
Jeff Anderson

Vladimir Putin: The Iron Man's corrosive effect, Political News Politics On Toast - 0 views

  • news agencies have reported that Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party is set for losses in the Duma elections
  • Iron grip will remain barely rusted
  • Putin’s party has 315 seats
  • ...10 more annotations...
  • 57 members of the Communist party
  • 40 members of the Liberal Democratic Party
  • commands great respect and authority amongst the leading industrialists of Russia and has the Oil and Gas companies in his pocket
  • Critics of Putin argue that “United Russia has lost touch with reality”
  • probably be in power until 2024
  • Medvedev has proven the puppet many saw him to be
  • When you see him on TV, you can’t help but feel Prime Minister Putin has not only given him the nod and written his speech, but probably even dressed him, fed him and brushed his teeth as well
  • “I am certain that there will be victory (for United Russia) and that it will be secured by legal means”
  • Medvedev is preparing to secure the job of Prime Minister
  • United Russia are on an offensive to make sure the vote goes the way it should.
    Although I would have liked to have a more credible source, the article does bring up some valid points
Jeff Anderson

Russia Stands by Nuclear Weapons | World | RIA Novosti - 1 views

  • Russia will not give up its nuclear weapons until it develops conventional weapons with comparable effect
  • Russia’s foreign partners “are ahead of us in some respects
  • “We will only abandon nuclear weapons when we have such systems, and not a day earlier,” he said.

  • ...1 more annotation...
  • o one sh
    Not the longest article, I know, but it is worth reading
Jeff Anderson

Investors See Another Putin Presidency as Good for Business - - 1 views

  • Vladimir V. Putin as Russia’s president will be a net positive for foreign investors
  • with a weaker aide or ally in the constitutionally stronger post of president — would produce political instability, which would be bad for business.
  • the reunification of power in the Russian president in both title and practice
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • more predictable long-term outlook for companies
  • more stable, less pluralistic politics in Russia seems also to reflect the reality that rapid economic development has been achieved in a number of post-Communist countries that never transitioned to democracy, like China.
  • Putin’s decision to return will reinstall a leader with the power to implement decisions and end an increasingly dysfunctional diarchy
  • “I think we are on the verge of very important, perhaps tectonic, shifts in the consciousness of the elites, including the power elites,”
  • Other analysts note that companies and investors will now be able to price in political risks whose contours are not likely to change much, as Mr. Putin is poised to remain in power until 2024.
  • “Western businesses work wonderfully with dictators,”
  • “a retrograde, and indeed farcical step, that is incompatible with economic and political progress in Russia”
  • he country was on the way to becoming a “third-world petrokleptocracy.”
Jeff Anderson

Causes of corruption in Russia - 1 views

    This is a pdf and I am not able to annotate it. But, it is still a very good source to check out! :)
Trevor ZB

Putin threatens opposition with killings - - 0 views

    A few days before Putin's rigged election on March 4 and the upcoming rally of the opposition against a newly falsified Putin's polls, "Putin, the leader of KGB Russia, threatened the opposition with killings.
Trevor ZB

Russian protests target election results and Putin | CTV News - 0 views

    Tens of thousands of people marched in downtown Moscow for three hours Saturday to protest against alleged electoral fraud by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in last weekend's parliamentary elections -- and to call for Putin to step down. The government-sanctioned demonstrations in 60 cities across the country marked the largest display of public discontent in post-Soviet Russia.
Trevor ZB

Russia election: Tearful Vladimir Putin declares victory - Telegraph - 0 views

    Addressing a rally outside the Kremlin, Mr Putin had tears rolling down his cheeks as he claimed he had won an "open and honest battle" and secured "clear victory" over his four rivals. Early results suggested he had won more than 63 per cent of the vote, enough to avoid a run-off against another of the candidates and deliver him an unprecedented third term.
Trevor ZB

In Russia, Putin foes fear they are in 'dangerous' times - 0 views

shared by Trevor ZB on 19 Mar 12 - No Cached
    MOSCOW - For Dmitry Nesterenko, an entrepreneur in the restaurant business, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's overwhelming victory in the elections was a "disgusting act."
Trevor ZB

Sweet Oppression - 0 views

    March 27, 2010: After nearly a year of negotiations, Russian and the United States diplomats have agreed on new terms to replace the 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), which expired at the end of 2009. START limits the number of nuclear weapons each nation has.
Trevor ZB

Russia's Dictatorship of Law - 0 views

    Russia's newly outrageous legal treatment of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the former owner of the country's largest oil company, is a reminder that Russia has yet to grasp the idea of equal justice under law - especially when the Kremlin decides someone is in the way.
Trevor ZB

Oppression in modern Russia - 0 views

    Q:IN WHAT sort of society might a 68-year-old man be sent to jail for peacefully carrying his nation's flag in a parade to celebrate Flag Day? A: In Vladimir Putin's Russia, if the man is someone that Mr. Putin -- former president, current prime minister and seemingly eternal ruling-party boss -- happens not to like.
Trevor ZB

The Myth of a Russian Dictatorship | Hoover Institution - 1 views

shared by Trevor ZB on 19 Mar 12 - No Cached
    Western analysts portray the Russian government as a virtual dictatorship. Hoover fellow Michael A. McFaul dissents. It would be an odd dictatorship, he argues, that found itself thwarted by a legislature or pushed around by a free press. In both Russia and the West, most analysts portray Russia's political system as an authoritarian regime.
Trevor ZB

Vladimir Putin and Russia's Course: An Exchange of Views - 0 views

    "Truly democratic development is the harmonious development of institutions, and in Russia today, say Putin's advisors, this means slowing down the development of those democratic institutions that have gone too far and allowing the rest to catch up," according to Nicolai Petro, Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Rhode Island, and former Title VIII-Supported Short-Term Scholar, Kennan Institute.
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