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frank smith

Welcome to FAIR OUTCOMES, INC. - 1 views

    Welcome to the Home Page of the Fair Buy-Sell System. This system is used by joint owners of property-such as business partners, joint venturers, shareholders, and married couples-who wish to bring their joint ownership to an end on terms that are mutually acceptable and legally enforceable.

    This page allows you to access a simplified version of the system that we are offering to the public free of charge. If you are a joint owner of property and wish to use the system, or if you simply wish to run a free test to see how it works, you can do so by clicking on Issue an Invitation. To respond to another party's initiation of the System, click on Respond to an Invitation. A summary of the system and the involved process appears below.
    A free version of Fair Outcomes bargaining system. I am going to take a deeper look latetr today/tonight
frank smith

Fair Outcomes, Inc. - 1 views

    Fair Outcomes, Inc. provides parties involved in disputes or difficult negotiations with access to newly developed proprietary systems that allow fair and equitable outcomes to be achieved with remarkable efficiency. Each of these systems is grounded in mathematical theories of fair division and of games.

    Our founders and staff include game theorists, computer scientists, and practicing attorneys with extensive experience in designing, administering, utilizing, and providing consulting and online services with respect to such systems.

    Further information about our company and our services may be obtained by using the contact information appearing on this page. Additional information about four of our systems can be obtained by clicking on the links appearing below:
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