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There is No Steady State Economy (except at a very basic level) | Our Finite World - 1 views

  • When I read articles that talk longingly about going to a “Steady State Economy,” I am perplexed. If governments were to take away fossil fuels, or even reduce their use significantly, it would likely cause a crash of the financial system, and this would likely lead to a crash of other systems, particularly international trade. It would seem to be virtually impossible to keep this crash from affecting food production systems, international food export systems, and even such basic systems as electricity (because workers need to be paid, and fuel needs to be purchased). It seems to me that without a lot of intervention and planning, we would soon fall back to a very low level, very quickly, perhaps much lower than the 1750 level.
    Meget simpel gennemgang af, hvor en nulvækstøkonomi uden brug af olie, ikke kan lade sig gøre. I virkeligheden har det nok mest med olie at gøre.
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