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Sarah Blattner

Skills for Learning 2.0 - 0 views

    Four C's of Modern Learning
Sarah Blattner

50 Hashtags For Connected Educators - Getting Smart by Getting Smart Staff - CE13, edchat, edsocial, iNACOL13, socialmedia | Getting Smart - 0 views

    Wanting to extend your PLN? Go!
Sarah Blattner

▶ Impact the world with Blended Learning - A Palo Alto High School Story--The Campanile - YouTube - 0 views

    Inspiring project-based learning in the students' voice
Sarah Blattner

Connected Learning: Relevance, the 4th R on Vimeo - 1 views

    Nice, brief video animation about connected learning and why it's time to shift how learning happens
Sarah Blattner

Why Should You Care About Badges? | Connected Learning - 0 views

    This is a fascinating conversation with Cathy N. Davidson, Sheryl Grant and Jim Diamond. A must see! #dmlbadges #connectedlearning. First in a series of conversations. Don't miss it!
Kelly Platzke

My experience in getting started with Genius Hour | ReconfigurEd. - 1 views

  • We provided a proposal template in the form of a Google Doc and asked that each student submit their idea and plan to their teacher. As the proposals star rolling in, we are giving students feedback by leaving a comment on their document and suggesting changes or tweaks where necessary.
    • Kelly Platzke
      These are science-based ideas, but students could make LA connections as well. (i.e. Is it true that the only theme in all of literature is "Who am I?"; Yahweh means "I AM" - how does that impact our understanding of human identity?). Any topic will be applicable to LA and technology skills: research, writing, collaborating, sharing, presenting, etc. 
  • Google’s 80/20 time, where engineers are encouraged to take 20% of their weekly load to work towards personal projects of their choice.
  • The question we both had was, what if students were offered the same opportunity?
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  • twitter,
  • following media and blog articles
  • They would be given roughly 1 hour during the week to work towards their projects. I also made this sweet banner as our Genius Hour poster, and explained that photoshop was something that no-body taught me, because I was never given the opportunity to learn it. But I decided to find out if I could teach myself. The result is that I now have a basic knowledge of photoshop! This was the idea that we communicated to them about Genius Hour, that they were to be the ones to decide what to learn, how to do it, and then what to do with it.
  • 10 Principles of Genius Hour
  • firming up their essential question to set up their projects.
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