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  • UK next-generation access: BT Vision or BT expediency?
  • But it would be a mistake to see the greatest pressure coming from the ‘fast’ end of the broadband market; in fact, it’s coming from the slow end
  • In several other European markets outside the UK, more than 15% of broadband subscriptions (as much as 30% in some) are now on cellular networks – up from next to nothing one year ago
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  • In the Netherlands, with admittedly much more favourable demographics for access network roll-out, NGA will be practically ubiquitous
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  • Mount Broadband is littered with the corpses of industry soothsayers who declared that there would be no consumer demand for higher bandwidth, because there were no foreseeable services that required it. It is difficult to believe that FTTH will not come to be necessary at some point in the future.
  • This stands in marked contrast to other Euro-incumbents, such as KPN and France Telecom, which recognise that FTTH is the end-game.
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