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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Angelica Lovinia

Angelica Lovinia

Traffic management: APPlied logic | The Economist - 0 views

  • Roadside signs wired to traffic lights can help get the message across a couple hundred metres from a junction, but such signs are expensive, and have not been widely deployed
  • . Instead of a hardwired network of signs, they propose to use mobile-phone apps.
  • SignalGuru is designed to detect traffic lights and track their status as red, amber or green
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  • SignalGuru was capable of predicting traffic-light activity with an accuracy of 98.2% and 96.3% respectively, in the two cities.
  • Fuel consumption fell, too—by about 20%. SignalGuru thus reduces both frustration and fuel use, and makes commuting a slightly less horrible experience.
    This is an article about an apps that can indicate whether the traffic light status is red, amber or green. This can also save fuels. The name of the apps is SignalGuru. This apps had been tested in Singapore and Cambridge. In Cambridge, this apps was 98.2% accurate and in Singapore, this apps was 96.3% accurate.I think that this is a good way to save fuels because this apps was tested and it is easy to use. Other than that, this apps is cheap and easy to use because this is a mobile-phone apps and we just need to attach the phone inside of the car's widescreen with the camera lens pointing forward.
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