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started by supercheapauto on 04 Aug 14
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    If you discover that your vehicle frequently overheats, it is essential that you resolve the problem as quickly as possible. There are several things you will need to consider when trying to deal with this problem. Some of these are mentioned below.

    Stuck Thermostat

    Your vehicle's thermostat can become frozen or stuck while it is closed, thereby impeding the easy flow of coolant via the engine. To find out if your thermostat is working properly, you should feel your vehicle's upper radiator hose. When you start your engine, the radiator should warm up and if it stays cool, then your thermostat may not be functioning properly.

    Radiator Problem

    Your vehicle might be overheating because the radiator is not clean enough to keep the temperature down. The radiator is connected with thin metal fins on the exterior to increase the surface area of the cooling system. These fins ultimately get clogged with dirt, insects and dust. These metal fins should be kept clean at all times. In addition, if you notice that the fins are bent, you should straighten them with the aid of a hacksaw blade. When you need to buy a car radiator or bmw parts other BMW parts, make sure you buy from only reputable BMW parts online Sydney dealers.

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    Check the antifreeze

    A number of drivers complain that their vehicles overheat while in idle or traffic. This can be caused due to inadequate flow of the antifreeze. The antifreeze helps to keep the engine of your vehicle from freezing when temperatures fall below zero. During summer, it does the exact opposite; it works to keep the engine from overheating. It is recommended that you look under your vehicle each month to check if it is leaving any stains or puddles when it is parked.

    When Your Vehicle's Air Conditioner is switched on

    If your engine's water pump is defective, then your vehicle will overheat when the air conditioner is running. This pump is an extremely important component of your vehicle's interior cooling system, because it performs the job of circulating coolant to different parts of the engine.

    Do not forget to keep a bottle of water, small flash light, brake fluid and antifreeze within your vehicle. Having fundamental knowledge about vehicle issues and how to fix them can save you money as well as a trip to the auto repair shop. If your vehicle still overheats, you should take it to an auto repair shop for a quick examination. If you own a BMW, then you may want to check out for BMW parts and other accessories.

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