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started by Troy Rosa on 14 Mar 12
  • Troy Rosa
    Add a wrap to ward off the evening chill, and you will be a picture perfect drop wedding guest!
    Your wedding reception is a time to celebrate the beautiful union of a couple and also a time to celebrate that the pressure of planning and pulling off a wedding is finally over! While there is a suggested order of events that's been used traditionally, you can certainly are going to customize any portion of it to suit your personal circumstances, but keep in mind that this order has previously worked successfully for countless couples and it is likely what your guests will expect.

    Suggested order of events in the wedding reception:

    1. The guests arrive at the reception. They may be there for a while before the wedding party arrives due to wedding photos being taken so you will want to have drinks and hors d'oeuvres ready for them to enjoy.

    several. Blessing of the dinner. The DJ should ask everyone to look at their seats for dinner before the blessing. The blessing can said with the Bride or Groom's father or Grandfather or many other special person that the Couple choose.

    5. Evening meal is served. Whether this is a buffet or take a moment meal, the Bride and Groom themselves are served first followed by the wedding party and parents. Then the DJ may want to call tables up one by one if it is some sort of buffet, otherwise the guests should be served at this point.

    6. The Bride and Groom's primary dance. This is enough time your song is set for life. You will always remember this first dance jointly.

    7. The Daddy-Daughter dance and some other special dances. Daddy gets his "last dance" together with his little girl. You may want to make this just the main part of a song and then the DJ can announce the wedding party as they insert the dance floor, or can be done two separate songs. After this you want the many guests to join in in the dance floor at the earliest opportunity so they don't become lethargic after dinner and wish to leave too early.

    8. The tossing with the bouquet and garter. The bride tosses this bouquet over her shoulder to all the single ladies, keep in mind that single means "never married" and not divorced and the groom themselves tosses the garter to every one the single men. The lucky guy who catches the garter then gets to place it on the leg in the lucky lady who grabbed the bouquet.

    9. Cutting with the cake. Now the DJ may well announce the cutting of the cake. The Bride and Groom make the first cut together and then serve the other a piece with their own fingers. This is a great photo op. Someone better, even the kitchen guide, can then cut and serve the cake to your guests or place the slices in the dessert table for people to eat when they want or summary and take home.

    10. " Properly, Dayle looked at everyone and started laughing consequently hard I thought she would... well, you know why...

    After that one-person laugh fest, Dayle sat quietly for a few minutes, and then she needed my hand kissed that smiled at me and explained to stop being such a little snob and so narrow minded. Wedding DJ Detroit, Wedding DJ Detroit, Detroit DJ

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