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Cata Yannick

Anger Management: How To Deal With Anger - Springhill Group Counselling - 1 views

    Accepting that you are wrong and compromising can be hard at first but consider that you cannot for all time get your way by being the loudest and most demanding. It does nothing but pushes people away. Are you afraid to let your guard down and allow people to truly see you for who you are? Other people are saying that if you wanted to achieve anything you must be aggressive, tough and in control. Anger can have a repealing effect and sends you spiraling out of control. Do you believe that no matter what, you always have to be right and opinions and viewpoints of others are a direct threat or challenge to you? Oftentimes we get mad because we observe behavior in someone else that we see in ourselves. This brings up sentiments that we do not desire to appear at or deal with. Underneath the anger may be hurt, disappointment, trauma and resentments. It's vital to become aware of how your body is reacting to feelings of anger. If you sense yourself get tense, "see red", find yourself clenching your fist and jaw, have trouble concentrating, find you're breathing to be rapid and fast then maybe it is really time for you to seek help. There are numerous other physical ciphers but these are a little you may notice. Source Link:
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