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Corvida Raven

Welcome to Twistory - 0 views

    Twistory is a Twitter mashup allowing you to easily subscribe to your backlog using your favorite desktop or web calendar tool.
Akmal Yousuf

Mid-Market Matters - Read Blogs - 0 views

    Right around the same time as we moved into our new digs on Market Street, we launched Yammer's civic engagement initiative called Mid-Market Matters, which focuses our community efforts on issues affecting our new neighborhood. Through this initiative we encourage Yammer employees to get out of the office (as beautiful as it is) and interact with our neighbors - whether that means grabbing a coffee at MaVelous, taking dance classes at LINES Dance Center, or volunteering at a local non-profit. Up until the 1950s the Mid-Market neighborhood was a thriving theater district. (UPFROMTHEDEEP.COM POSTCARD, CIRCA 1957) (SOURCE: SAN FRANCISCO HISTORY CENTER, SF PUBLICLIBRARY) However, after years of neglect and the unfortunate consequences of various policy decisions, we were left with many empty storefronts and a haven for illicit activity. (SOURCE: UPFROMTHEDEEP.COM) After numerous attempts at revitalization, it seems we finally have a fighting chance to make some lasting improvements to the area. Thanks to the public-private partnerships formed and the intense focus by all parties involved, we hope to make a difference in the lives of Mid-Market residents and businesses. . This time around everyone is at the table (transit, the arts, non-profits, the Mayor's office, and the business community). We all want to bring Market Street back to its former glory! Since January we've been busy! So far we've sent 70 employees to St Anthony's Foundation to serve meals and sort clothes: We've donated 50 monitors to the Tenderloin Tech Lab. 15 employees volunteered at the Tenderloin Community School to help teachers with classroom activities And we've sent a few folks out to keep the streets safe while kids get to their afterschool programs. This Friday April 12th, Yammer is giving back in a big way. Al
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